Sunday, September 29, 2013

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013

Hi all! We just came back from Dataran Merdeka and both of us are very excited over the fact that we have just completed our first marathon ever. Both Hubby and I managed to finish the 10km run in probably less than one hour and we are really happy about it. The exact net time will be updated on the website within 24 hours after the run. We started from Lake Garden near the national monument, then passed by various landmarks such as KL Sentral, Little India and even ran on car-less highway before running back to Dataran Merdeka, where the finishing line is located. We started strong but eventually I had to slow down to catch my breath after running for 5km continuously. My abs started getting cramps halfway through the run as well. It was harder than I've imagined. Obviously outdoor running is a whole different thing compared to running on treadmill. Speed control is something I find really important if you are running for a long distance because you have to preserve your energy till the end.

The celebratory shot.

At the end of race, each of us was given one banana (athlete's best friend to prevent muscle cramp), one can of 100 plus and one finisher medal.

My body was on fire under the hot sun and the run had definitely drained all my energy out but the excitement was high. Never knew that running a marathon could be so fun until I finally joined one. I'm definitely in for another marathon next year. =) 

Hubby looking proud with his medal. Haha.

 The finishing line at Dataran Merdeka.

Taking a picture at the junction where it was supposed to be clogged with cars and motorbikes. 

 Hubby lying in the middle of the road as if he owns it. Haha.

Me posing for the camera happily at the zebra crossing.

 Funny and lovely motivational messages by some random people before the finishing line.

Was so happy and relieved to see the 9km distance marker but then the remaining 1km felt like forever. However once we crossed the finishing line together, the tremendous sense of accomplishment that we had was something that made this event memorable.

Update: Us crossing the finishing line together. Haha.

Subway for our post-marathon meal. Cheers!

That's all! My burning legs now deserve a long good rest. =)


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