Monday, February 25, 2013

CSY Homecooking

I'm finally back after the long CNY break! Instead of blogging about I spent my Chinese New Year or my Valentine's day, here are some photos of my home cooked meals because cooking at home is something I love to do recently.

Do not be fooled by how it looks! This is white sauce spaghetti. Not carbonara. Carbonara is too heavy for a healthy diet. Too much Parmesan cheese and cream. However you will only need some butter, a tablespoon of flour and milk to cook white sauce. A much healthier option to satisfy your cravings for tasty spaghetti.

Bought Ikea meatball sauce and I used it to make gravy for my mash potatoes! Didn't know they compliment each other so well!

CSY's homemade mash potatoes! Secret recipe! Haha. This photo is taken without the Ikea meatball sauce. Seriously it tastes so good with the sauce.

Simple yet fulfilling seaweed roll sushi. Love it.

 Also the very simple grilled salmon with herbs and lemon juice. Salmon is very healthy because of the properties of its fish oil. It's good to include Salmon in your diet!

Fried brown rice vermicelli topped with slices of egg and tomato. Sometimes you just need some homey Chinese food. 

That's all!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fatspoon Cafe @ Damansara Uptown

Met up with bestie Hui Ming at Fatspoon Cafe. We were searching for cute and cosy cafe restaurants at Damansara Uptown and there were few to choose from! In the end, we decided to try Fatspoon because the interior decoration is quite cute and looks like it could be a good place to take photos and have long hours of chatting.

Credits to Hui Ming for some of the photos below.

Their food and drinks menu is actually a modified storybook.

Red velvet cake. RM9.90 per slice. I'm not a cake person but this cake is quite moist, light and fluffy. Suitable for those who wish to have something light as dessert instead of heavy cakes like chocolate or cheese cake.

 Cakes on display.

Hui Ming's spicy beef macaroni. A combination of Italian and Chinese food culture.

Cappucino with coffee art which is pretty to look at. 

If you notice, the cappucino cup is very Malaysian because this type of cup with imprinted chinese art is actually used by local old chinese coffee shops. 

 Me with my camera which looks super huge here.

Posing with the cake. 

 Bestie Hui Ming~!

 Their extensive list of food and drinks which is written on the big blackboard.

 Some shots of the cafe decoration.

There were many customers during lunch break.

Outfit of the day. Star sweater from

Hui Ming's OOTD.

Overall, Fatspoon Cafe is a good place to hang out. Foodwise, it's not super delicious or extraordinary but since we only ordered a slice of cake and a bowl of beef macaroni, another visit is required to give more comments on the food. 

The rest would be some really random shots we took outside the cafe. Haha.

Friendship of more than 10 years. ^^

Our shoes!

That's all!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ponggal Unity Festival

Salam 1Malaysia! Laziness struck me the moment I passed my hospital interview exam and I had rarely opened my textbooks ever since XD. Oh ya, I went to this Ponggal Unity Festival with my coursemates on Tuesday. It is a nationwide festive celebration held by the government at Dataran Merdeka to celebrate the Ponggal Festival with the Malaysian Indian community, meaning that all the political VIPs including our prime minister would be attending the festival as well. Ponggal is a harvest festival celebrated in South India at the end of the harvest season. It is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Indian community in Malaysia. Traditionally, on Ponggal day, Indians prepare the sweet rice before giving thanks to the “life-giving” sun for a bountiful harvest. 

Us in the bus provided by our university.

Arrived at Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur at 5pm. The bus dropped us there because it was only a short walking distance away from Dataran Merdeka. Look at the crowd waiting to celebrate the festival.

Crowd moving towards Dataran Merdeka.

Banner with the image of our prime minister and MIC leader.

Another shot of the crowd.

Group photo!

The ladies.

The huge crowd at Dataran Merdeka. There were many stalls selling a variety of Indian food. We didn't try the food because the queue was long and the heat was inbearable.

Candid shot of our group walking to the event area.

Look at the bright sunny weather on that day and the sky was sooo blueee. It felt like paradise. Bright sunny weather is good for photos but not good for us haha. The sun was scorching hot and I felt burnt. All of us couldn't stand the heat and decided to leave once we had enough fun taking pictures. One good thing about bright sunlight is that all the photos came out looking stunning!

Me and Dodo, my lovely coursemate from Nigeria who graced the event with her beautiful traditional wear. My friend said this photo looks like we were at Miami beach with the sunnies and high fashion pose haha.

Second shot.

Love this shot of my coursemates.

More group photos. =D

The stage at the centre of Dataran Merdeka. Our prime minister would officiate the event and give speech later on this stage but we didn't wait until that moment. Haha.

Coconut tree leaves. My friend told me that Indians love to use coconut tree leaves for decoration during events or celebration.

A random shot of a beautifully dressed Indian lady. Love the vibrant colours of their traditional wear.

That's all!

Happy Ponggal to all the Indians out there! Chinese New Year is getting near and it's another good excuse for me to not come out from laziness. The high number of public holidays in these few weeks also contribute to the laziness as well. Oh well haha.


Saturday, February 2, 2013


Yay finally received my parcel from last week. I came across this online shopping site when I read the reviews by bloggers Daphne and Chuckei. Then I decided to buy some chinese new year clothes from because I found that the prices are really cheap and affordable plus they have this satisfaction guarantee policy which actually allows you to return any product that you are not satisfied with within seven days. Sounds very assuring right? 

This is how my parcel looks like. This was actually my first time ordering clothes online and I was so excited about it.

My most favourite buy, couple t-shirt. Cost about RM30++ only for both t-shirts. Super cheap right? And I'm so happy that my hubby looks good in it! We took this picture right after we received the parcel so I was still wearing my old high school senaman shorts which is so inappropriate haha. I promise we will take a nicer couple shot soon! =D

Second favourite item is this star sweater which is less than RM20. Such a steal! You know the feeling when you bought something with such a low price yet the quality is good? The feeling is soooo good! Wore this star sweater to yumcha session with bestie.

with bestie at Fatspoon, Uptown.

Also got hubby a coat as early valentine gift! Too bad it was a bit tight for him to wear = (. I've learnt that you can't use t-shirt size as measurement for working suits or coats. Usually you will need to get bigger size for it or else it will be tight around the shoulder area.

Still I absolutely love what I bought and there was no regrets! I recommended to my friends and they all have ordered nice stuff from the site too! 

Let's see what I think about this online shopping site:
Strength: Cheap, affordable, and has a wide range of products including shoewear, bags, clothes, dress, accessories and a lot more! Customer service good.
Weakness: Not all the clothes are in line with the latest fashion trends. You have to browse through all the pages before you can spot something nice.

That's all! Went to National Ponggal Festival at Dataran Merdeka with my coursemates today and it was fun though the sun was scorching hot. Shall blog about it soon!