Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hubby ♥ Korean Food

Lost my iphone because I left it at the food centre in Ikano. =( =( =(
Lucky Hubby came back from Ipoh just in time to help cancel my old sim card and retrieve my old number back with a new sim card. He also gave me another phone to use for the time being. Couldn't be more thankful enough. T____T

So I decided to reward him with something special. =D

My friend Jacqueline gave me the link of this video a while ago and it was about a Korean guy cooking some Korean dishes for his girlfriend. He demonstrated step by step on how to cook awesome cheese Dukbokki (Korean Rice Cake) and Fried Chicken Potato Roll. Was sooooo tempted to experiment with the Fried Chicken Potato roll after watching the video because it looks pretty impressive and delicious too!

If you are interested, watch the video! Very easy to understand! Recommended for girlfriends or boyfriends who love to impress the other half! =D

Everything is explained well in the video. That's why I'm not going to explain step by step on how to cook it. Besides, the ingredients are easy to get! You can get the Ottogi brand breadcrumbs from Cold Storage, chicken fillet from any supermarket (you can simply flatten the meat by smacking them with the surface of your kitchen knife, just make sure you don't over-smack it into bits).

and here is the final result of my own version of the Fried Chicken Potato Roll! I replaced the Mozarella Cheese with Cheddar Cheese, Sweet Potato with normal potato.

Can you believe that I made this all by myself? Look impressive enough right? =D =D =D

Hubby loving it! I think I might be a good housewife in the future. Oops, haha.



domokun said...

Ahhhh u noe what tak ada topokki for bf tomorrow haih hav to plan another time liao TT btw loooooks so goood la.ya good hsewifeeee ahh>< teach me too hahaha

XCB said...

if i saw dukboggi i let u noe where to get ya okiesss? =D thankiu orhhh remember we said b4 want to bake things for our boyfie tgt? haha

domokun said...

Hahahh ya ehhhhh find one weekend >< heyyy fri merdeka going aniwhere?wink* hahaha

XCB said...

why why? apa plans u have? haha