Sunday, September 1, 2013

Clinical Placement Update!

Harlorh! Here's a quickie update about my 7th clinical placement! I'm seeing many spinal cord injury patients in the physio centre that I'm currently posted to. Most of them are as young as me or even younger. They visit the centre everyday or in alternate days, just to learn how to walk or get up from the bed. What I've seen in these patients is sheer determination and strong will, things that are rarely found in able-bodied persons like us. Despite the unfortunate events that happened to them, they never gave up and they enjoy their life as much as we do. One of the patients I know is about to finish his masters. Some patients who were totally bed-ridden 2-3 years ago are now able to walk with walking aids and assistance. One of the things that I like to do in the centre is to sit and watch the patients undergoing their daily rehabilitation training, noting their progress with admiration. The past 3 weeks has been a fruitful learning experience which helps shape my path to becoming a physiotherapist.

The basil plant that one of the patients gave me. Hope it grows well!


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