Monday, September 16, 2013

My Basil Plant is Growing!

My basil plant is moving to a bigger house now! Yay so happy to see it growing so well! Hopefully it will grow more basil leaves so that I can use them in my cooking!

My Ashie posing with the plant.

Awww.. watching it grows makes me feel accomplished. <3

This is the before picture for comparison. See how much it have grown in the past few weeks?
My basil plant 3 weeks ago.

Btw, 5 weeks down and 1 more week to go! I will miss my patients dearly but I'm also looking forward to the many activities that I have planned after my clinical placement. Among the list are: Standard Chartered KL Marathon, Level 2A Korean Language Class (I'm finishing my level 1B next week!), new workout routine, fitness course, more outings and many more! Can't wait!

That's all!


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