Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Simple, Nice and Cheap Western Food @ Bad Boy Cooks, Oasis Square Ara Damansara

Recently I was at Subang Jaya to check out a private physiotherapy centre where I will be having my clinical placement at. On the way home, I suggested daddy and mummy to have lunch at Oasis Ara Damansara which is a commercial centre with a number of decent restaurants. As soon as I reached Oasis, I called Christy up to get the exact location of this cheap and nice western restaurant that she recommended ages ago. Found out that it was at the same row as the grand Royal Flush Chinese Restaurant which looks like an ancient shrine facing the pool area.

Bad Boy Cooks @ Oasis Ara Damansara.

Wearing simple black top and high-waisted shorts with tiny cross prints. I received the trendy shorts as birthday present from bestie Hui Ming! Thanks! Love it!

The contrast between the red chairs and black white floor tiles makes the entire restaurant fun and interesting to look at.

I like the high ceiling which creates the illusion of bigger space. Besides, cold concrete walls are replaced by huge French windows which warm and brighten up the entire shop with the natural sunlight during the hot afternoon. Don't you just love shops with French windows like that?

Ordered two cups of refillable freshly brewed black coffee and english tea. RM3 per cup and free flow!

Creamy Country Mushroom Soup. RM6. Nothing fancy but I like the simplicity of it.

Refillable freshly brewed Americano. RM3.

Vanilla Milkshake. Price RM6.

Bad Boy Dog. Price around RM9. Hotdog with sausage, cheddar cheese, onion and mushroom topping. Daddy loves this one because it is simple and nice for his liking. The hotdog comes with an ordinary sausage and fluffy bun topped with generous amount of mushroom and onions. It tastes quite similar to the famous Ikea hotdog except it comes with the additional side fries and mushrooms.

Grilled boneless chicken leg with creamy peppercorn sauce served with thick cut fries and coleslaw. RM10. Another simple dish with nicely grilled marinated boneless chicken which is crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. There are three types of dressing to be chosen from the menu and the peppercorn sauce is one of them. The combination of whipping cream and crushed black peppers suits the chicken well.

Grilled dory fillets and prawn with tomato sauce served with thick cut fried and coleslaw. RM12. This dish comes with three prawns and two pieces of dory fish fillets topped with in house tomato dressing. The tomato dressing is slightly bland and not a good choice of dressing to compliment the lightly salted grilled dory fillets. Should have chosen other dressing instead.

Price is reasonable though so no further complaints from me.

Mummy enjoying a little bit of everything.

Self-shot. Love the natural lighting over here.

There's even a San Nae Deul Korean Restaurant here, just opposite Bad Boy Cooks.

Royal Flush Chinese Restaurant at the far end on the right.

Oasis Square is a very high end commercial centre and I love the idea of incorporating restaurants into two-storey bungalow-like buildings. Bad Boy Cooks is worth trying especially when you are looking for simple and nice western food. Christy especially told me that their burgers are something that you should try!

Bad Boy Cooks,
Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7832-3969
Open 11am-10pm daily.

That's all for today's foodie post!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Baking is Fun!

Hubby got me an electric oven for my birthday and I'm addicted to baking ever since. It's a mini Electrolux electric oven which fits perfectly in my not-so-big kitchen and I love it. Thanks Hubby! I like spending my leisure time in the kitchen so the newly bought oven is an excellent excuse for me to spend more time in the kitchen. Here's a summary of my latest products.

1. Butter Cake
2. Marble Cake
3. Mocha Cake with Chocolate Frosting
4.Egg Tarts
5. Cheese Tarts
6. Apple Tart (I love Apple Tart! I can never stopped eating apple tart!)

I realise baking has been quite popular lately. Many people around me start baking including my friends and cousins. I guess it's because baking is really fun and rewarding especially when you present your cakes or pastries as gifts to your neighbours, friends or relatives. Plus it's convenient to get recipes online without having to buy expensive magazines or recipe books.

Hmm so what should I bake next? Oh ya I can bake my favourite blueberry cheesecake! Shouldn't be too difficult once you have the right recipe! Till then, I shall brush up my apple tart baking skill once again so it will look more presentable and near perfection!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Healthy Food of the Month

It's time to keep track of the food I have been eating in July! I wanted to share some of frequently cooked meals during my long semester break. Usually the meals are simple to make using only basic ingredients you can get in any market. The rest of my daily meals that are not shared are just normal grilled chicken breast/salmon block or sometimes I would just bake them in my oven.

Flourless Green Onion Pancake. I love green onion pancakes so I decided to make a healthier version of it without the flour! The batter consists of 1 cup of quick oats (blended into fine powder and flour-like),  1 egg and some milk to for the consistency. Chop the green onion and put them on a heated round pan with some oil. Pour the batter all over the green onion. Flip the pancake when the edge becomes brown and there you have it!

 Flourless Pizza recipe by blogilates. The crust is made of cauliflower, egg and mild Mozarella cheese.

Lots of green bell pepper and button mushroom for the pizza toppings! This is totally a legit pizza!

 Sandwiches using flourless wholegrain bread. You can find the flourless bread at Opika Organic Market, One Utama Shopping Mall. The price is around RM6. 

It tastes just like ordinary whole grain bread, if not, more delicious!

 I toasted the bread in the oven with the cheese to make the bread crunchier.

 Fruit and Veggie Salad with lemon and orange juice dressing. My current healthy food obsession.

 Same but this time I added some protein with the extra hard boiled egg.

 Sometimes I would make English Breakfast set when I crave for it. Bacon and sausages aren't exactly healthy but it's okay to eat with moderation.

So satisfying! I love bright yellow scrambled eggs! I have been using this partition plate since I was a kid! 

That's all!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunrider Healthy Sandwiches & Why You Shouldn't Be Eating Any Fast Food Including Subway

I love Subway sandwiches especially Subway Melt which is my comfort food especially after a tiring workout session. To be honest I'm one of those people who used to think that Subway is a much healthier fast food option compared to McDonald's or any other fast food chain. Then I came across a tweet posted by Brenda from about the ingredients used in Subway eggs and it changes everything. Just take a look at this.

Notice that there are so many ingredients here that you can't even read or pronounce properly? Those are the chemical agents or preservatives used by Subway to enhance the flavour of the omelette. So if you are thinking that Subway sandwich is healthy, think twice. Propylene glycol are chemical agents found in anti-freeze and deodorant sticks and it's also found in Subway eggs. I believe Subway's roasted beef, chicken breast, ham, bacon and condiments also consist of various chemical agents that you shouldn't be eating. They are highly processed, consists tons of chemicals and are certainly not in the healthy food list. 

In the end, the fact tells us that Subway is not where you should go if you want to "eat fresh". This is rather sad isn't it? Our food is so heavily polluted and manipulated nowadays (talk about genetically modified food). However, the good thing is Hubby and I recently found a new place selling fresh sandwiches to replace Subway and we are surprised by the freshness of the ingredients they use in their salad and sandwiches.

This new place that we found is Sunrider @ Sunway Pyramid. Sunrider is a franchise selling wellness product similar to GNC but they also have this healthy food cafe which serves fresh sandwiches for people who enjoy healthy and nutritious meals. We ordered this combo set including a healthy drink, salad and a beef sandwich.

A huge bowl of salad with hard-boiled egg, fresh fruits and vegetables. I absolutely love the vinegar-like dressing which I felt has very natural taste.

Beef Sandwich! Omg, this is seriously the best beef sandwich I ever had! Super fresh and natural!

What you are looking at right now are thick slices of genuine fresh beef (almost like a steak itself) done in medium which taste really delicious. Love eating clean food that tastes delicious at the same time. It's like killing two birds with one stone.

A variety of wellness products which they sell in their shop.

Hubby who was very pleased with the beef sandwich as his favourite food is none other than steak!

The combo set costs us RM26 without any service charge but both of us felt that the food definitely worth the price. We are certainly coming back next Saturday after our Korean class to try their chicken sandwich and egg sandwich!

Sunrider is located in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall opposite to Cold Storage.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to Make Extra Healthy Banana Pancakes with Sandwich Maker!

My sandwich maker has been left almost untouched in my kitchen for ages as I'm no longer making sandwiches. It's occupying the kitchen counter space and I was contemplating whether to hide it in the cabinet forever. Then it hit me out of the blue that I can actually make my favourite banana pancakes with this sandwich maker! So I decided to give my sandwich maker a second chance and it's a huge success! This is a really quick and easy method to make pancakes as there is barely any oil needed which saves extra calories. Find out the calories in these banana pancakes at the end of this post.

First, you will need a sandwich maker. Preheat the sandwich maker by turning on the switch. Lightly grease the surface using few drops of olive oil or a tiny bit of butter. 

 Cut one banana in slices and add two eggs into the bowl.

 Whisk everything altogether and make sure the banana slices are mashed thoroughly so they can blend well with the beaten egg. This is to prevent it from becoming an omelette with banana chunks so you really want to make sure you whisk hard before pouring the mixture into the sandwich maker. You can also add a teaspoon of baking powder to make fluffy, puffed up pancakes.

 Next pour the mixture into the sandwich maker and fill it almost to the brim but not too full. Close the cover and leave it for about 4 minutes. The indicator light on my sandwich maker will automatically turn off after 4 minutes. This indicates that the pancakes are cooked and ready.

 Open the cover and flip the pancakes to the other side. The other sides of the pancakes will turn brown with the remaining heat so there's no need to close the cover again.

 And the pancakes are done! In just less than 15 minutes! What a quick and easy way to make pancakes! Mmmmm I just can't wait to eat them all up!

 Serve the pancakes with a dash of honey to give that extra sweetness. These pancakes taste as good as the pancakes that come right out of the greasy pan but are super healthy because the oil has been omitted in the first place. Absolutely my favourite afternoon dessert / snack between meals.

So the question is how many calories are there for this whole plate of healthy banana pancakes (8 pieces of triangle pancakes)?
 250 calories. 
(100 kcal for an average sized banana and 140 kcal for two large eggs)
which means it's about 30 kcal for one piece of banana pancake shown above. How amazing is that?

Next I will be blogging about how to make healthy Korean green onion pancakes (pajeon) without using any flour!