Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clinical Placement at Terengganu Part 2 - Pantai Batu Buruk

Yay! Another post about Terengganu! As I have mentioned in my previous Terengganu post (link here: part 1), the five of us manage to find accommodation near the beach which is also known as Pantai Batu Buruk. Pantai Batu Buruk literally means beach of the ugly stones. It is the main attraction of Kuala Terengganu as it is located near the town, the hospital and our homestay. There are many beach activities at the beach such as kite flying, pony riding and two-wheel driving. It is also where you can find the famous Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu which I shall blog in my next post. =D

On my way to the beach. I heard that Batu Buruk is Kuala Terengganu's Mont Kiara or Desa Park City so you can see many nicely renovated bungalows near the beach. Moreover, the beach is also where Sultan Terengganu's mother and the state's ketua hakim reside. Very expensive area indeed.

Although it was supposed to be Monsoon season when we arrived, the sun is extremely bright and we had to shield ourselves with umbrella most of the time. The typical heavy monsoon rain only came when it was around the start of December. Apparently, news reported that flood was everywhere in the east coast once we had left Terengganu in late December. We were lucky as we did not have to deal with the flood and heavy pour. 

Weeeeee stepped foot on the sandy beach. The sand is not as fine as those from Pulau Redang but still walking on the beach with bare foot is a must!

Footprints everywhere!

Many local people spending their leisure time on the beach. Those tiny black dots in the sky were flying kites!

The waves. Shaaaa Shuu Shaaaa Shuu.

Happy me! I remember I wore the same shirt when I went to Pork Dickson with bestie Hui Ming which was the last time I went to a beach before Pantai Batu Burok.

Not forgetting to leave a love message to hubby! CSY ♡ CYK

That's all about Pantai Batu Buruk! Next post will be about the famous food in Terengganu, Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu, Chinatown, Pasar Payang and my fun experience in the hospital. Stay tune!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bulgogi Brothers @ Midvalley

Very delayed post here. Supposed to blog this last year. >.< Oh well.

Hubby and I were were tempted by this newly opened Bulgogi Brothers when we were dating at Midvalley. The temptation of Korean food is always irresistibly strong hence we just walked in promising to ourselves that it would be our last pricey meal. Although it was a good meal overall, it cost us a bomb and made us think twice to ever step foot in Bulgogi Brothers again haha. Plus currently I'm trying my best to avoid eating beef due to some influence I got from watching animal rights video. I must say that I was doing quite well by not eating beef for months until I saw this Bulgogi Brothers #failed.

Me posing for hubby's Iphone. Haha. I'm bad at posing. I just can't help but give the same look whenever I try to pose.

The Korean side dishes. In contrary to other Korean restaurants, Bulgogi Brothers serve pumpkin soup, mashed pumpkin and some fresh vegetables (corn, sweet potato etc). Love healthy side dishes.

Then here comes the main star attraction. The love shaped beef patties (Unyang Bulgogi) and Gwanyang style Bulgogi. Definitely not Gangnam style haha. Bulgogi is grilled marinated beef in Korean, though sometimes it can be chicken or pork. Korean loves beef and it's part of their daily staple diet.

* Notice that few slices of white bread are placed at the side to absorb the flavour of the beef juice. And omg it does taste good!

Heart shaped beef patties looking pretty~!

Though the heart shape was not that obvious after being cooked.

Looks like ordinary burger beef patties to me but I like the richness of the marinated beef flavour.

 Gwanyang style Bulgogi.

Looks like any Bulgogi you can get from other Korean restaurants but this taste a little better than the rest due to its rich beef flavour.

Although it was a meaty and costly meal (do prepare two or three green notes for a two person meal), me and hubby enjoyed it plus hubby is a beef lover! Still I would prefer cooking healthy veggie meal at home than constantly paying visits to these costly restaurants. Hubby loves my cooking too! Right? Haha.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Clinical Placement at Terengganu Part 1

Finally able to retrieve some of the Terengganu trip photos from my phone! The trip was one month ago but I will try my best to recollect every single detail from the trip.

Every end of the semester, we have to choose one hospital from a given list to determine our clinical placement area. However, last semester I couldn't get a place in Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) which is very near (right next to Mahsa) because many of our classmates wanted PPUM too. To solve the problem we held a mini lucky draw event to determine who gets to go to PPUM and I was just not lucky enough. In the end, Christy, Jojo, Joycelin, Andrew and me, the 'unlucky ones', decided to go for Hospital Sultanah Aminah in Terengganu instead because apparently no one was willing to travel to Terengganu that time. 

Booked our flight from Air Asia because Air Asia was having this cheap promotion and we quickly grabbed our cheap flight tickets before it's too late! It was less than RM100 for a round trip flight including luggage fee and insurance. It was more time efficient and comfortable to travel by plane too. A long bumpy bus ride is not what we would prefer in the first place.

Ahhh my first time taking domestic flight since my primary school graduation trip to Sarawak. The queue for the luggage check-in was very long and caused us to be late for the flight check-in. Luckily we still managed to make it on time with Jojo running all the way to catch the flight not to mention she was carrying her heavy luggage at the same time.

 Air Asia! I was admiring the pretty clouds during the flight not knowingly we had reached Terengganu in just half an hour!

We managed to find our accommodation near the beach at Batu Buruk thanks to our clinical educator from Hospital Terengganu! We had to walk for 25 minutes every day to the hospital but we were not complaining. Walking is good exercise!

This was how our mini kitchen aka dining room looks like. We bought fresh vegetables and meat every weekend from Pasar Payang so that we can cook dinner with our rice cooker everyday. Yes all the food cooked with just a RICE COOKER!! Hahahaha. And the dishes came out really good. Look at some of the dishes we cook:

 Fried tomato with egg.

 ABC soup! We can even boil soup with rice cooker! Andrew, the only guy in the house was bemused and he simply could not figure out how to cook with just a rice cooker. But when we did, he was finally convinced haha.

Soy sauce chicken. Jojo style haha. The dishes are all well cooked and taste yummeh thanks to the multi functional rice cooker!

Food storage that last us for a week. =) All from Pasar Payang or Mydin supermarket.

And here's the beach we had been talking about! It's very near to our homestay and the beach is pretttyyy!

Oh so pretty~!! Look at the blue blue sky and the fine sand.

Random old man walking along the beach.

Me at the beach! That day we woke up early to watch sunrise at the beach but the cloudy weather did not permit us to do so.

Still we managed to capture the moment the sun rises. It was plain beautiful = ). Thanks Joycelin for the photo.

This is me looking exhausted after a long day at the hospital. Everyday after I got back from the hospital, I would stare at my laptop skyping with boyfie or search for information while studying. Only weekends we would go to the market or chinatown. Kuala Terengganu is a small place with not so much entertainment but I still like the place for its friendly local people and slow momentum of life. 

Shall continue to blog about Terengganu soon!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Summarised Updates!

Attended a few gatherings!

With old classmates from Chong Hwa at Uncle Jang, Mont Kiara! Absolutely cannot tahan the smokiness that chokes you everytime you try to breath. Uncle Jang seriously need to improve the ventilation so that I won't feel like sneezing all the time.

Purikura with cousin at One U's arcade!

Spikey hairband from cousin! Thank you!

Healthy food for healthy lifestyle! Who's with me? Haha.
 Homemade Kimchi!

 Homemade Vit's noodle with fresh lettuce and fried egg with tomato.

A daily dose of burdock essence. Burdock root is a type of root vegetable which has a lot of proven benefits, such as lower cancer cells, cholesterol, improve intestinal movement and much more! It is recommended by many health professionals for health purpose! In Japan and Korea, burdock is a very popular and essential root vegetable and it's strongly recommended by a Korean TV health programme! To consume, cut the long root into pieces and boil it with water. Drink the water daily. I have been drinking burdock essence for few weeks and I can tell that it is working!  

Alright, time to get back to study! Will be having a scheduled interview with a hospital next Thursday so I gotta study more! I believe effort is the key to good results =)! I shall put more effort in my studies from now on and say no to procrastination! 


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mama Ho's Kitchen Homemade Pan Mee

Another blog post about food!

The Star Newspaper has recently published a food review about this newly opened Mama Ho's Kitchen at Dataran Prima Avenue. After reading the article, daddy was craving for delicious homemade Pan Mee so we drove all the way to Dataran Prima (which was slightly difficult to find at first). Finding car park was a headache as all the available car parks in yellow boxes are bought by the companies and office workers. The only option is to park your car in a private car park where most people park.

Mama Ho's Kitchen is a family run restaurant and sell mostly Hakka dishes with homemade Pan Mee as their must try signature dish. 

 A very simple laminated menu with special menu every weekday.

 Note that it is very packed during office lunch hours as the restaurant locates in the centre of the busy commercial and office development areas. You might have to wait patiently for your food to arrive.



 Dry Chilli Pan Mee with minced pork. A simple yet satisfying homecook food. The chilli is a tad too spicy to my liking but overall it's still a good dish.

 Signature Pan Mee. I like how they separate the fried anchovies, mushrooms and minced pork in a different plate so that customers can either eat it separately or add those into soup. Overall the Pan Mee is delicious, not fantastic but still it's good enough to make you crave for more. Daddy complained that the fried anchovies are not crispy enough but he's satisfied with the rest. He always love Pan Mee which are thin enough with clear soup base and Mama Ho's kitchen has definitely achieved these.

Hakka Dumplings. One was missing because I ate one before I took this picture. Only available on Sundays. A good choice of food for those who love Hakka food.

Recommended for those who live nearby and love homemade Pan Mee. Who loves Pan Mee here? =D

Mama Ho's Kitchen,
B-G-10 Tower B, Ground Floor,
Jalan PJU 1/39,
Dataran Prima Avenue,
Petaling Jaya. 
Tel:  03-7887 6117
Business hours: Sundays to Fridays,
10.00am to 6.00pm,
Closed on Saturdays


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cat Fashion

Just a random update here. Recently I bought my cat a new shirt from Pets Wonderland! Instead of a sweet girly looking outfit, this time I got Ashie a smarty looking blue and red striped shirt. Now Ashie looks like she graduated from Feline Univeristy and can any time give an inspiring speech on how to lead a good cat life. Haha. 

Cat with intelligence haha. She was probably thinking how to catch a lizard within 30 seconds.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

SS20 Fish Head Noodle on New Year's Eve

Located at Damansara Kim, SS20 fish head noodle is another option you can consider for delicious and yummy fish head noodle in PJ. Previously I blogged about another fish head noodle restaurant at Damansara Kim which is only a street away from SS20 fish head noddle. Link here:

Oh and we came here on New Year's Eve! I spent my New Year's Eve travelling to food hideouts with family and hubby. First is this SS20 fish head noodle, second is Semenyih Kampung Chinese food and third is mamak tandoori! What an adventurous food adventure we had!

 Soya Pudding. Not so recommended because it tastes a bit weird for me. I would recommend you to order their fresh soya bean with or without cincau.

 Cendol that tastes good enough.


The good thing about SS20 fish head noodle is you can opt for either bihun, lai fun or thick bihun. I chose lai fun because sometimes bihun tends to absorb the soup. Moreover, you can order either non-fry or fried fish. I chose non-fry because I like the texture of a non-fry fish more. The fish I chose is Haruan fish and there are other options like Soong fish or fish paste. 

 Lai fun with Non-fry Haruan Fish.

 Daddy and Mummy's Bihun Fried Soong fish noodle.

Hubby's Lai fun fish paste noodle.

Overall rating for the taste is 6/10. 

Fish head noodle is always my favourite because of the milky soup base with tomato. Plus I love fish! SS20 fish head noodle is definitely a recommended place for fish head noodle lovers out there!