Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wondermama @ Bangsar Village

I realise I have been blogging excessively about Korean food so for a change this time it will be a review about Malaysian cuisine. I'm sure everyone is familiar about Wondermama which is a modern Malaysian cuisine restaurant located at Bangsar Village in the expatriate neighbourhood. This place serves famous Malaysian food with a modern twist and also Malaysian-inspired Western food.   

Located right next to Plan B near Jaya Grocer Supermarket.

 Come to Wondermama on the last Monday of the month and you will get good discount for your meal!

Daddy's favourite Nasi Lemak 2.0 with deep fried chicken, keropok, hard boiled eggs, peanuts, cucumber, ikan bilis and sambal petai. The highlight would be the fragrant rice boiled with coconut milk which is quite exceptional. The fried chicken is similar to Japanese style deep fried chicken which comes in friendly bite-sized pieces. It is exactly what a good crispy fried chicken should look and taste like. You will rarely see sambal petai with nasi lemak but it is a good add-on because both my mum and I love sambal petai.

3 layer tea. A good drink to quench your thirst.

Macha Soy Milk. My favourite <3. However, this soy drink already has sugar added into it. I would prefer soy milk without any sugar. 

Super Hor Fun ordered by my mum. This tastes almost similar to curry chee cheong fun and is quite delicious according to my parents. Those who like curry chee cheong fun would love this.

Malaysian style breakfast set ordered by me! Not too bad but I still prefer the English style breakfast set. I love the fact that the breakfast set is served with sambal and chili sauce which is something new. I also love the baked beans with the additional tomato paste sauce. I shall do the same when I prepape my own English Breakfast set next time.


Overall, Wondermama is indeed a right place to enjoy Modern Malaysian food with good value (compared to other expensive eateries in Bangsar). However I still think that Malaysian food tastes the best if you enjoy it at hawker stalls in chinese kopitiams or in the back alleys. Nicely prepped meal with delicate presentation is just not the way Malaysian food is usually served. When Malaysian food comes into my mind, the image is always something related to an old uncle with a push cart and food with rough presentation served in plastic bowls or plates. 

That's all!


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