Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hubby CYK's 21st Birthday!

Story of the day: How CYK spent his 21st birthday on 14th September with CSY. 
십사일 구월는 남자진구의 생일이에요. 축하해요!

 1. Received homemade Chocolate Brownies as birthday cake made by CSY.
 생일 케으크를 받았어요. CSY는 케이크를 만들었어요.

 2.  Enjoyed his all-time favourite CSY's signature wholemeal egg sandwich for breakfast before Korean language class.
계란 샌드위치를 만들었어요. 아주맛있어요.

3. Received Korean Rice Candy from Korean teacher at Korean language class. 

P/S: Very light and crisp. Yummy!

4. Time to blow the candle!

5. Flashing a Dwayne Johnson signature smile and snapped a proof picture!

From CSY: Happy 21st Birthday Hubby! I love you more than ever! Will plan a better birthday surprise for you on your coming birthdays! Hope you like your present! 사랑해요!


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