Friday, June 27, 2014

Mahachai Seafood Market - Amazing Bangkok Trip #6

Yay! Another Bangkok post! Rushing to finish all Bangkok-related posts before heading to Korea for a 11-day trip with Hubby. 

So the previous post was about Maeklong Railway Market which was part of our itinerary planned by Visit Beyond at Lub d. 

There are various short trips offered by Visit Beyond. Head over to the counter and ask for details!

Visit Beyond office is available at Lud d Silom & Siam Square. We bought the one day trip package for 1800 baht per pax. 

After settling the payment, we were told to walk to the Visit Beyond main office located not far away from Lub d Silom in the next morning. A simple map was given so need not to worry about getting lost. 

We found ourselves in another guesthouse which accommodates the Visit Beyond main office. We sat down in front of the counter and waited for our tour guide to arrive as we reached there quite early.

After a short wait we were introduced to our tour guide, Apple who is a local Thai.

And the journey started!

Instead of taking a van straight to Mahachai, we took the public transport to experience the local culture.

Before that we had to walk from Silom road to the nearest BTS skytrain station at Saladaeng.

Apple was explaining to us the culture and history behind the various building we spotted along the way. 

Like this ordinary school gate with beautiful Buddhism carvings and sculptures.

The orange painted building on the left is a temple aka monk residence built within the compound of government school. In the olden days of Thailand, temples are places for young children to learn and monks are the sole teachers. Even In present days, it's still relatively common to see Buddhist temples built next to schools.

As we were walking towards the station, we turned left into this remote alley next to Shangri-la hotel.

Was told that this is a famous haunted building. Abandoned in its development stage amid economic crisis, no living person would dare to enter this towering vacant building.

We were occupied by the interesting background story narrated by Apple so we reached the station without even realising.

In BTS skytrain! Apple was sitting next to me!

After arriving at Wongwian yai station we walked for about 5-10 minutes using the skybridge. 

At the end of the skybridge. Apple politely asked the stationed soldiers to take a picture with us. This was our first time getting so close with armed soldiers so we were smiling nervously and were very cautious with our actions.

After getting down from the skybridge, you will see a busy roundabout where King Taksin monument is located. Turn right at the intersection into Phra Chao Taksin road. The railway station is located on the left hand side of the road next to a pedestrian bridge.

Train arriving at Wongwian yai station. 

Although being included as part of the state railway of Thailand, the Wongwianyai-Mahachai-Maeklong railway is not physically connected to the rest of the network. The railway never crosses the Tha Chin river as well. You are given the options of taking a cheap ferry or mini van to get you across the river.

So this is the itinerary of our one day trip:
Tickets bought by Apple. Only 10 baht each person. All train fare was included in the payment of the trip.

A vintage looking bell to hurry the passengers to get onboard.

We had about 5 minutes left so we strolled along the platform to catch a glimpse of the local street food there.

The railway track stretching out beyond the city into the countryside.

Some famous local street food recommended by Apple. It's like onion pancake with coconut strips. Tastes savoury and sweet at the same time.

Apple buying the snack for us.

Happily standing on the railway track. The train platform is not high so you can jump onto the track anytime you want provided that there is no train.

Group picture!

Bought this yummy yogurt drink from 7-11 earlier.

Eating the noname local street snack on the train. It's very hot in the inside so be careful not to burn your tongue! I did so I had to let it cool for 5 minutes before I could finish the rest.

Waiting for the train to depart.

Throughout the journey, the old train was swinging side to side madly like a boat hitting on massive waves but we still managed to sleep. The view through the side window was very scenic though so stay awake if you can.

And don't get too near to the windows or you might get hit by branches and leaves appearing out of nowhere.

The train journey lasted about 45 minutes or longer.

Arrived at Mahachai station. 

It's very common to find traditional market next to the railway station. This market sells all kinds of fresh meat and vegetables.

Mini cucumber.

We walked further from the station but was told by Apple that the stalls weren't completely opened.

So we headed back to the station.

From the station, we walked into the town area.

We passed by this shop which sells a variety of local food and snacks.

Mango sticky rice! Only 35 baht for one box! The mangoes were in season during May so we were quite lucky to be able to taste sweet mangoes.

Durian sticky rice! Fresh durian in Thailand is not edible because it's too raw for our liking. However the durian served with sticky rice is absolutely ripe and soft. It's a must try for durian lovers!

Another famous local snack that you will find it even in department stores. I forgot what it's called but it's like sugar coated jelly. Very addicting.

Local Thai popsicles! There are so many flavours and you will be happy by just trying few of them. We bought local coffee, blueberry, lemon and another flavour which I forgot.

Sooo many flavours to choose from.

It was made using a traditional machine.

Couldn't remember which flavour I was eating. Strawberry maybe?

The view of Tha Chin river that I mentioned earlier. The river separates the two provinces of Samut Sakhon and Samut Songkhram.

After that we arrived at the seafood market. With lots of lots of fresh and marinated seafood.

Salted seafood.

More salted fish.

These huge heaps of powder are local spices if you are wondering.

Fresh fish roe! So huge!

You will find many shops selling fish nets as this is a fishing town.

Mussles and clams. SO fresh.


The prawns here are so fleshy and fresh. Even the little prawns found in our seafood fried rice in Bangkok are always very fresh. In Malaysia, we used to pick out those little prawns and leave them aside because they are either not fresh or inedible.

Porcelain white squid!

You can find many street food vendors selling barbecued squids! And they are all huge and fat like this!

At the port.

Hmm anyone knows what kind of fish is this?

Lunch time! Apple told us this is a famous seafood restaurant among the locals.

Even the highly reputable Thai princess visited this restaurant. Local people have a lot of respect for the Thai royal family especially the Thai elder princess.

Fishing boat preparing to set sail.

The view was amazing so was the food.

Crab meat fried rice! Awesome! The abundant crab meat slices found in the dish are so fresh.

Seafood tomyam. Love the milky texture. The spiciness was toned down a little bit as Jacqueline couldn't take spicy food.

Fried fish cakes! No doubt the fried fish cakes are as fresh as the other dishes as well.

I love the Tomyam here. Although Tomyam found in Malaysian Thai restaurants might be as good as this but the freshness of the seafood here is unsurpassable.

We gobbled all the food as they were too delicious to be left cold on the table. We even took out the mango and durian sticky rice that we bought earlier to be eaten as dessert.

The consequence was we became too full to move after stuffing everything in our stomach.

But the journey continued.

Next destination will be Amphawa floating market!