Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Restoran Hee Soon Fong @ Telok Panglima Garang, Kuala Langat, Selangor

Before my clinical placement in March, daddy the food traveller decided to take us to Kuala Langat to have some awesomely fresh seafood!

According to daddy, Restoran Hee Soon Fong's steamed Batin fish is one of the best steamed fish you can get in Selangor because the fish they offer is extremely fresh and contains a lot of tasty fish fat *slurps*. You know when it comes to fish, the fattier the tastier right? ; )

This restaurant is located right next to this temple.

 Hubby who travelled to this remote part of Selangor with us!

A very simple and old-fashioned Chinese restaurant with round tables and red chairs. It is not even indoors so beware of flies!

Here comes the main dish, steamed Batin fish with soy sauce!

Look at the texture of the fish meat! It's very different from any steamed fish in KL. Super fresh and tasty I don't even know how to explain any further. I couldn't remember the price of this dish but it is certainly not very cheap because this Batin fish is freshly caught from the river and is a more expensive Batin fish breed I think.

 Fried tofu with minced meat! Nice!

 Pork belly with salted fish! Nice!

Fried long beans with pork belly I guess? Couldn't remember because we visited this restaurant two months ago.

Every dish is delicious here but the food might be a tad too oily and salty for people who prefer healthier food. The cooking style here is very 'ka-heong' which means hometown style and it certainly can appeal to many city folks who wish to have a taste of genuine Chinese homecook food. I personally think all city folks should spend a day travelling to this remote part of Selangor because there is just too much good food to be offered in this so called 'kampung' area. 

Hee Soon Fong - Jln Klang-banting Batu 11 1/2, Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor.
Tel: Wong Tin Soong 03-3191 4681 , 012-308 1866



*JacQueliNe* said...

The fish. Look so delicious! OMG near my bf there

domokun said...

I super like batin!!! But very pricey><

XCB said...

@jacjac eh is it? near ur bf place kah?
@domokun yalorh yalorh but really tasty