Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kaffa Espresso Bar @ Damansara Uptown

Jiang Jiang! Finally I have time to sit down and blog! Have been really busy recently as I'm having my clinical placement at a private specialist centre and I work from 8:30 to 5:30 everyday including Saturdays. Once I reach home, I have to do my research and homework given by my mentor. Not to mention the fact that I'm taking public transport to my workplace. Working life may wear me out sometimes but I'm glad that I'm learning a lot and the good thing is I'm also more motivated to be a better physiotherapist in the future. =)

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was craving for good coffee and sandwich so when my longest friend, Hui Ming called me up for lunch, I googled 'nice coffee and sandwich in PJ/KL area' and Kaffa Espresso Bar was one of the coffee shops that came out in the list.

Kaffa Espresso Bar is located at Damansara Uptown next to Yeoh's Bak Kut Teh.

Tadaa! So this is how Kaffa Espresso Bar looks like on the outside. There's James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley welcoming you to the shop.

Taking picture with Marilyn Monroe art.

James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.

Signage to attract those who can't resist good coffee.


Once Hui Ming and I entered the coffee shop, we went all 'ooohhh's and 'ahhhh's because we really like the interior design. I certainly love coffee shops that look something like this. Innovative, classy, quiet and cosy all in one. 

Food and beverages menu.

I like all the wall paintings here.

Cute Mongolian kids craving for coffee?

Me on the right admiring the pretty cakes and pastries. I like to look at cakes and pastries but not eating them.

The single shot latte I ordered. Hui Ming and I actually talked to their shop owner and she told us that they are using light roasted coffee beans from Indonesia. If you are expecting to find heavy coffee aroma and flavour, this might not be your cup of 'coffee'. However, the latte was just nice for me as I'm not a person who is in favour of bitter dark roasted coffee.

Hui Ming's Cappuccino with cute smiley face. For those who like a lighter coffee and accentuated milk flavour.

Turkey ham, brie and apple triple decker sandwich we ordered!

Comes with fresh salad and mashed potatoes.

I like milky and buttery mashed potatoes so this version is a thumbs up from me.

Another shot of our sandwich. I like this sandwich a lot because it's light and healthy. The brown thing in the middle layer of the sandwich is actually preserved apple. You might wonder whether apple goes well with ham and cheese and I can tell you it does! 

Cappuccino mushroom! In case you are wondering, it's actually cream of mushroom soup topped with milk foam. 

The creamy mushroom soup underneath the think layer of foam! Highly recommended by both Hui Ming and I! This was also our favourite dish of the day. 

Will definitely come back to try their other sandwiches and breakfast set! A good place to hang out with friends too!

Thanks to Hui Ming for some of the pictures above.

Kaffa Espresso Bar,
97 Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya.
(Damansara Uptown)


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Homemade Cheese and Egg Risotto

It's cooking day again! However I'm in need for some cooking inspirations and the best way to get them is to read some cookbooks or online recipes. Well I prefer flipping through pages and pages of recipe than clicking from website to website just to search for a recipe. So I went to a bookstore and I found this 'Egg Recipes' which is a cookbook with recipes for various dishes with eggs and I love it!

Also found this picture on facebook and I salivate immediately. Who doesn't love eggs? When I spotted the 'Egg Recipes' cookbook, all I wanted was to bring it home! Hubby who knows me best, came to the rescue by buying it for me as I was reluctant to use my own money =P. Plus I used up all my 1Malaysia book vouchers just to buy a physiotherapy textbook. I promise I will make good use of the cookbook and make more awesomelicious dishes for you hubby! Thank you and love you! =D

Was flipping through the pages of the book and look what I found.

Cheese and egg risotto 鸡蛋奶酪炖饭! Confirm delicious by just looking at the sample image! Also comes with simple step by step instructions with images. So okay, let's do this!

The ingredients!

 Last minute decision to add some grilled salmon meat. Also you will need some bacon strips.

 Cheddar cheese and some leftover Laughing Cow cheese blocks. The recipe actually uses Mozarella cheese but any cheese should be fine.

 Two beaten eggs with some fresh milk.

So basically I just boiled the rice with some chicken stock and while it was boiling, I add in the cheese, broccoli, salmon and bacon strips. Lastly I pour in the egg and milk mixture and tadaa! Simple.

 Two bowls of cheese and egg rissoto with a bowl of fresh salad with Japanese roasted sesame sauce.

Close up shot. Look quite similar with the sample image except mine has more green in it.

Hubby gave a thumbs up for this dish so I think it's a success for me! Yay!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Clinical Placement at Terengganu Part 3 - Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu

So whenever we travel to some places, food ultimately becomes the main concern. Apart from our homecook food, we also occasionally crave for some local delicacies and luckily we have Jac's boyfriend, who is from Terengganu. He recommended us to try out the famous Nasi Dagang Kak Pah which is only 10 minutes walk from our homestay. 

Tadaa! The famous Nasi Dagang! My impression of the sardine curry was that it tastes a bit like canned sardine with tomato sauce, which isn't bad but not exactly magnificent. The queue for Nasi Dagang in the morning was usually quite long. Local people wake up as early as 7am to have their breakfast.

This famous Nasi Dagang Kak Pah is located in a sudut selera makan near the big green park and Batu Buruk beach.

On the other day, we saw the queue at another store near Nasi Dagang Kak Pah was quite impressive too hence we decided to try out their Nasi Kerabu. Surprisingly, it tastes even better than the Nasi Dagang and all of us like it so much!

Nasi Kerabu comes with fish crackers, a fried chicken, some fresh vegetables, salted egg, sambal, dried minced meat and blue-coloured rice. The blue coloured rice is a result of rice cooked with butterfly-pea flower petals.

Another close up shot by Joycelin. I miss Terengganu's Nasi Kerabu! I wonder if I can find any Nasi Kerabu as nice as this in KL.

Was invited by a local friend's family for lunch at their place. This is their home made Hokkien loh mee (or known as lam mee in KL) and it is sooo good. We actually asked for the recipe and let's see if I can remake this dish soon.

Another photo taken at the beach with Jojo.

This was me doing Plaster Of Paris (POP) cast for Christy at Hospital Terengganu. Looking pro? Haha.

That's all for now! There will be one last post about Terengganu and that's it!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Valentine's Day at Times Square with Hubby

It's time to blog our Valentine's Day at Times Square! Pictures are smaller in size because they were taken with Hubby's iphone, not camera. We chose to spend our Valentine's Day at Times Square because we wanted to go for some workout at our gym there before celebrating our Valentine with a nice movie and some good food.

On Valentine's Day, the queue at GSC cinema was so long that we had to buy our tickets at GSC Max at 10th floor. Luckily there weren't so many people know about this cinema. It was our first time at GSC Max and we love it! The cinema hall is soooo big and it is even bigger than my college's auditorium. There are more than 1000 seats in the hall I think. Their screen is super wide too. That explains the name of the cinema, GSC Max.

Me in front of GSC Max entrance.


We watched Stephen Chow's latest movie: Journey to the West and I absolutely love it! It was so funny but too bad Hubby didn't like it. = (

Went for lunch at Asahi Japenese Restaurant opposite Cold Storage. We didn't know that our former prime minister Dr. Mahathir, his wife and Datuk Lee Chong Wei had visited this restaurant until we saw their photos on the wall near the entrance.

Yummy sushi which I forgot the name and crab meat and fish roe salad ordered by me. The fish roe was so crunchy and fresh! Love the freshness of the food here.

Specially ordered salmon belly sushi because I'm an avid salmon lover. The salmon belly is soooo fresh that it literally melts in your mouth. Seriously the best salmon belly sushi I ever had.

Me with my favourite green tea.

Hubby's yummy udon.

Will definitely pay this restaurant another visit because the food here is soooo good. However, will have to save more money because the food is pricey in comparison with other Japanese food chain outlets.

Next we had some cheap and yummy snack at Times Square Mini Taiwan near the usual GSC cinema.

Hubby ordered this Taiwanese sausage sandwich which tastes good.

The grilled scallop I ordered tastes quite good as well. I love scallop!

That's all about CYK and CSY's Valentine's Day! Looking forward to many more Valentine's Days with hubby!