Sunday, September 29, 2013

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013

Hi all! We just came back from Dataran Merdeka and both of us are very excited over the fact that we have just completed our first marathon ever. Both Hubby and I managed to finish the 10km run in probably less than one hour and we are really happy about it. The exact net time will be updated on the website within 24 hours after the run. We started from Lake Garden near the national monument, then passed by various landmarks such as KL Sentral, Little India and even ran on car-less highway before running back to Dataran Merdeka, where the finishing line is located. We started strong but eventually I had to slow down to catch my breath after running for 5km continuously. My abs started getting cramps halfway through the run as well. It was harder than I've imagined. Obviously outdoor running is a whole different thing compared to running on treadmill. Speed control is something I find really important if you are running for a long distance because you have to preserve your energy till the end.

The celebratory shot.

At the end of race, each of us was given one banana (athlete's best friend to prevent muscle cramp), one can of 100 plus and one finisher medal.

My body was on fire under the hot sun and the run had definitely drained all my energy out but the excitement was high. Never knew that running a marathon could be so fun until I finally joined one. I'm definitely in for another marathon next year. =) 

Hubby looking proud with his medal. Haha.

 The finishing line at Dataran Merdeka.

Taking a picture at the junction where it was supposed to be clogged with cars and motorbikes. 

 Hubby lying in the middle of the road as if he owns it. Haha.

Me posing for the camera happily at the zebra crossing.

 Funny and lovely motivational messages by some random people before the finishing line.

Was so happy and relieved to see the 9km distance marker but then the remaining 1km felt like forever. However once we crossed the finishing line together, the tremendous sense of accomplishment that we had was something that made this event memorable.

Update: Us crossing the finishing line together. Haha.

Subway for our post-marathon meal. Cheers!

That's all! My burning legs now deserve a long good rest. =)


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekly Meal Update!

Another foodie post! Looks like it has been a routine for me to update my home-cooked meals. I think part of the reason is because I love to see my blog flooded with food pictures. It doesn't change the fact that I'm a glutton though I have been eating clean for months.

Wholemeal egg sandwich.

Grilled salmon with brocolli.

Again, English breakfast set with sunny side up and scrambled egg.

Super healthy Bibimbap with mixed grain rice and plenty of vegetables.

Japchae or stir fry sweet potato starch noodles with veggies.

Baked chicken marinated with turmeric powder, stir fry veggie and some left over Japchae.

Wholemeal wrap with egg, cheese and lots of lettuce.

That's all I have for now!

Finally done packing for my first ever marathon tomorrow. So excited!

Will blog about my first marathon experience so stay tune!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hubby CYK's 21st Birthday!

Story of the day: How CYK spent his 21st birthday on 14th September with CSY. 
십사일 구월는 남자진구의 생일이에요. 축하해요!

 1. Received homemade Chocolate Brownies as birthday cake made by CSY.
 생일 케으크를 받았어요. CSY는 케이크를 만들었어요.

 2.  Enjoyed his all-time favourite CSY's signature wholemeal egg sandwich for breakfast before Korean language class.
계란 샌드위치를 만들었어요. 아주맛있어요.

3. Received Korean Rice Candy from Korean teacher at Korean language class. 

P/S: Very light and crisp. Yummy!

4. Time to blow the candle!

5. Flashing a Dwayne Johnson signature smile and snapped a proof picture!

From CSY: Happy 21st Birthday Hubby! I love you more than ever! Will plan a better birthday surprise for you on your coming birthdays! Hope you like your present! 사랑해요!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spicy Korean Rice Cake (Tteokbokki) 떡볶이에요!

오늘 한국어학교에 떡볶이를 먹었어요. 이떡볶이는 아주맛싰어요. 너무너무좋아해요!
Today's Korean language class was extremely fun because we were treated to homemade spicy Korean rice cake made by a couple of Korean housewives at the language centre. It was my first time trying homecook Korean food and it tastes so different compared to the usual tteokbokki we have at Korean cuisine restaurants. Nothing can beat homecook food really. Today also marked the the end of our level 1B classes. Hubby and I will be starting level 2A classes in three weeks time! =D

 Tteokbokki in a cup. So delicious! The tteokbokki was cooked and served to us on the spot!

Me being very excited to try the Tteokbokki.

 Hubby looking like a gluttony here but in fact he never ate the Tteokbokki as he was having sore throat.

Enjoying every bite~

Om nom nom~

A picture of the ingredients before cooking. There were fish cakes, Korean dumpling, hard boiled eggs, spring onions, cabbage, Korean ramen and korean rice cakes. I absolutely love the fried Korean dumpling stuffed with sweet potato starch noodles, also known as Mandu (만두) in Korean. The dumplings were made by my Korean teacher's wife. It was my first time trying Korean dumpling and they were super super delicious!

Tteokbokki in the making!

 Korean housewives busy making Tteokbokki!

Guess what Hubby brought for me today? My favourite fitness magazines!

Plus he also bought high calcium milk for me today! Thanks hubby! <3

I hereby announce that my 7th clinical placement is finally over. Will definitely miss all the patients at the rehab centre I was posted to! I've gained so much experience and knowledge thanks to the patients and senior physiotherapists!

Group photo with UNIKL and Sime Darby students! Miss them already!

That's all for today's update! All I want to do now is rest and fully enjoy my carefree days as a physiotherapy student. 


Monday, September 16, 2013

My Basil Plant is Growing!

My basil plant is moving to a bigger house now! Yay so happy to see it growing so well! Hopefully it will grow more basil leaves so that I can use them in my cooking!

My Ashie posing with the plant.

Awww.. watching it grows makes me feel accomplished. <3

This is the before picture for comparison. See how much it have grown in the past few weeks?
My basil plant 3 weeks ago.

Btw, 5 weeks down and 1 more week to go! I will miss my patients dearly but I'm also looking forward to the many activities that I have planned after my clinical placement. Among the list are: Standard Chartered KL Marathon, Level 2A Korean Language Class (I'm finishing my level 1B next week!), new workout routine, fitness course, more outings and many more! Can't wait!

That's all!


Friday, September 13, 2013

One Month Abs Challenge

Getting strong and good-looking abs is probably one of the most discussed fitness topics right now. In Korea, the ideal abs is often named the '11-shaped' abs which refers to the two vertical lines on each side of the abs resembling '11'. In Taiwan, they refer such corset-like abs as '馬甲線' which is translated as 'corset lines'. 

張婷媗, a 43 year old mother from Taiwan who is famous for her sexy and prominent corset lines. Just about a month ago, I was hoping that one day I can have beautiful abs like hers too. Then I started doing my abs exercise more regularly and also focusing on more cardio and this is the results after one month of hard work.

Almost there, but not quite yet. I still need to work harder towards my goal of achieving the 'corset lines' that I desire.

However, it's not difficult to achieve that killer abs which has been portrayed as the standard of fitness beauty right now. Try these abs exercise below and you will see amazing results in one month. I have been doing the exercises regularly (almost daily) and I'm seeing the results already! Of course, don't forget your cardio workout to get rid of the extra fat over your tummy or else your abs wouldn't show.

Circuit Abs Exercise
1. Abdominal crunches 20 reps

2. Side plank lifts 10 reps for each side
3. Oblique twist with weight or medicine ball 20 reps
4. Standing side flexion 20 reps for each side
5. Elbow planking for 35sec
6. Straight leg raises 20 reps

Repeat for 3-5 sets. Thanks to hubby who taught me this killer abs exercise routine!

In addition, do these amazing abs exercise videos by blogilates.

The 'Abs on fire' workout video is a tough one but do not give up. You might not be able to finish the entire routine during your first try but trust me, your abs will get stronger as long you keep doing the exercises regularly.

And also be sure to eat clean as there's a saying that abs are made in the kitchen!

That's all!