Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nikko Product Review + Nikko Nikki Product Launch [HISHOP]

Here's a question: what is the most important body part that determines a woman's confidence and beauty?

What would be your answer? Face? Hair? Butt or bust?

I once watched a popular Korean reality series called 'Let Me In/Let美人' shared by people on Facebook. Basically, it is a show that sponsors free plastic surgery for women who have serious issues with their look and confidence level.

That particular episode I watched was about a housewife with extremely flat chest (about A- cup). She had difficulty in purchasing bras in bra shop as she was embarassed by her non-existent breasts. She also had to deal with constant jeers and stares from the public and even her own children.

In short words, she was a women with very low confidence. You can tell that by looking at her bad slouched posture in order to hide her flaw. However, the ugly duckling story ends with a happy ending as the housewife was given the chance to undergo a Korean breast implant surgery which totally transformed her into a beautiful swan.

The lesson of this story is beautiful breasts are the symbol of women's beauty though it is a part seldom addressed publicly.

You must be thinking how can we improve how our bust look other than implant surgery or chest workout?

The secret lies in Nikko Maxxi Breast Firming Cream, which is a newly launched beauty product by Miyoku. Maxxi Breast Firming Cream is designed to help improve breast contour, combating sagging and remarkably gives your bust firmer, lifted, curvy and more beautiful appealing look.

Long story short, let me just show you how this product works.

One of the things that I love most about this product is that the bottle is designed in a way that you won't need to stick you finger inside the content in order to get the cream out *you would't want to contaminate the rest of the cream with our bacteria-filled fingers, right?*. Open the lid and gently press the pump downwards several times to obtain a desired amount of cream.

The cream is now readily to be applied on your breast area. Gently massage cream into entire breast surface from base to top. Massage into inside of breast using circular motion for 1-5 minutes and move along to the top surface. Repeat the same on the outside of breast with same circular motion until the cream has been absorbed into skin. Use twice a day, morning and night after shower.

So is this product really useful? Check the before and after difference of my hand as an example.

This is my hand before applying the breast firming cream. Observe the eminence near thumb area *Sorry for the out of focus photo* *Blame the 135mm DSLR lens*

And this is the after photo. Notice how the eminence has become firmer and more plump than before? The same magic will happen to our breasts once we applied the cream. I always thought breast firming cream is a hoax but this product really works wonders *Note: I did not squeeze the area on purpose*

Visit Jac's blog for clearer comparison pictures!

Time for some facts reading! These are the ingredients of the breast firming cream.

1. Aqua/Propanediol/Ornithine/Phospholipids/Glycolipids
A lipo-filling like alternative

2. Aqua/Glycerin/Alcohol denat./Chlorella Vulgaris/Lupinus Albus Protein Fermet, Garcinia Mangostana Peel Extract/Pyrus Cydonia Seed Extract
For skin firming & breast volume enlargement

3. Hydoxypropyl Methylcellulose/Pullulan/Porphyridium Creuntum Extract
For instant tightening/lifting effect

Retail market price is RM180 per bottle (50ml) and exclusive RM20 rebate is available for my blog readers! Type in the code MIYOKU to get the rebate with minimum purchase of RM99 (valid till 30 June 2014)

Do visit Hishop to purchase the product! - Breast Firming Cream - Marine Collagen

Like Hishop Facebook page for more updates!
Nikko Nikki Product Launching Event - 5th May 2014

This was my first time being invited to a product launch event. Thank you Hishop and Nikko Nikki for inviting me <3. The event was held at Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur and I had a great time at the event. Door gifts were given for guests who attended the launching! Love it X)

Guests were spoilt with the variety of food offered by Hard Rock Cafe. Who can resist such food? XD I was busy nomming away once the opening ceremony was over.

Showing some support to Maxxi Breast Firming Cream Product! There were cute props for us to play with!

Promotion packages which were only available on that day itself.

With my partner in crime, Jac Jac! Thanks to her for most of the photos which were taken with Samsung NX mini.

Favourite selfie of the day! Necklace by House of Humerus.

With Bing Xin, a new friend we met.

Another selfie~

That's all!

Remember to visit the website and facebook page if you are interested in the product!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Glasshouse @ Mahsa University, Petaling Jaya

So coffee shops are becoming the inevitable hangout places for youngsters nowadays. 

At coffee shops, you might be seeing people catching up with each other, working on assignments, gossiping about the latest news or just swiping away on iPad or tablet. Coffee shops are popular for a reason, and it's hard to stay away from this trend. I like coffee shops because they allow you to sit for hours, whether you are a lone ranger or part of the high tea bunch. 

I also went to coffee shops during my most hectic and stressful days of final exam preparation. The money spent on beverages and cakes no doubt has escalated to a significant amount with the increasing time I'm spending at coffee shops (it sums up to hundreds within a month I believe) *guilty mode on* but I become a more productive person as I'm getting spoiled by the luxury of sipping good quality coffee *guilty mode off* hahahaha XD.

It's definitely a delightful piece of news when I saw the announcement of the opening of Glasshouse at Mahsa University. As I'm nearing towards the end of my 4 year course, it's a slight pity that I wouldn't be able to visit Glasshouse frequently after graduation =( #sadfact 

So I managed to visit the coffee shop as often as possible during my last days as a university student. If you are following me on instagram, you would have noticed it was flooded with coffee pictures at one time. Haha.

Colourful tea party! Can you guess the tea flavours by looking at the colour?

I'm waiting for your answers....

Still waiting for it....

The answers are Chamomile tea, Strawberry tea and Peppermint tea!

I drink tea when I don't feel like drinking coffee because too much caffeine will give me this annoying dizziness sometimes.

Artistic tea shot time! Shot #1!

Shot #2!

Shot #3!

This time it's a coffee shot! 

An emo shot of Iced Caramel Latte!

At glasshouse, not only you will be able to get energy boosting caffeine and soothing tea, healthy wraps and sandwiches are also available for the health conscious people. Throughout my 4 years at Mahsa, I was only able to eat cafeteria food which are Chinese/Indian/Malay mixed rice and western food. Now I'm pampered with more healthy choices such as wraps n sandwiches!

Cakes are also available for the sweet tooth ; ) Left: Chocolate Cake, Right: Red Velvet Cake

Brownies! Ask for the counter to heat it up for you for more chocolatey flavour! I absolutely love their Brownies!

Homemade yellow lime cheesecake, also known as 'Yellow Bird'! Quickly grab it before it runs out! Cheesecakes are always the best sellers!

Another insta shot to impress the followers haha.

So this is how Glasshouse looks like from the outside which looks exactly like a glasshouse.

Visit Glasshouse facebook page at for daily menu updates! You will be finding new surprises in the menu if you follow the updates closely.

Outdoor area for outdoor lovers.

Jenga and Scrabble are also available to kill boredom.

Weeeee, playing simple game like Jenga with a bunch of friends was fun! 

My lovely friends <3

The roof of glasshouse, so prettyyyy with the natural sunlight shining upon us.

Menu of the day! Ain't they cheap? The prices are made affordable for students with limited pocket money.

Non-Mahsa students should be able to visit Glasshouse as long you tell the security guards that you are going to visit the coffee shop.

Check hashtag #theglasshousecafe on instagram for more awesome possum pictures.

Oh and I'm finally done with all the final exams! Can't wait for the farewell dinner tonight and I just remember I have a speech to prepare!

Till then!

Glasshouse Cafe,
Address: Jalan Elmu off Jalan Universiti, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Thursday, May 8, 2014

TT Swallow's Nest Mask Review & Butterfly Walk

Received tons of beauty products from the recent Butterfly Fund Raising Walk so I figure I should do some reviews on these products. I'm actually eager to share my experiences because lately I have been secretly trying to improve my complexion and if certain products do work for my face, I would be more than happy to share it out! ^0^

The sponsored products received are:
1. Kiehl's Clearly Corrective White Range 
(Cleanser, Toner and Acne Scars Treatment Cream)
2. TT Swallow's Nest Mask
3. Posh Complimentary Pedicure/Manicure worth RM45
4. Dove Skin Indulgence Body Shampoo
5. Tribal Head Scarf
6. Human Nature Overnight Elixir with 9ActivOil

I'm currently super conscious about my post-acne/whiteheads scars which are all over my face now. I'm searching for the best whitening product to reduce the scars and make them less obvious. Luckily I was able to get my hands on the TT Swallow's Nest Mask at the right time so I was eager to try it out.

Timeless Truth mask, or better known as TT mask which was founded many years back in 1988. The TT Swallow's Nest mask is a whitening plus lifting mask. After opening the packet, I had to carefully unfold the mask to prevent accidentally tearing the mask itself. You will find that the mask is not the ordinary facial mask but with extra sides to hang on both ears to provide additional coverage for the chin and neck area. 

Step-by-step instructions on how to apply the mask. As you can see, you need to stretch the sides in order to lift the bottom part of your chin and hang on both ears.

Benefits of the mask:
Moisturizing, Whitening, Brightening, Clarity, Reduce wrinkles, Increase elasticity

Swiflet's Nest Extract, 3-O-Ethyl-L-Ascorbyl Ether, Tranexamic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Hyaluronic, Anthemis Nobilis(Chamomilla) Flower Extract
*Note: The ingredients of the mask are really good for whitening, hydration and regeneration*

Not ready to reveal my bare face yet so here's a picture of me applying the mask right after the Butterfly walk.

My verdict after using it for the first time?

1. Texture of the mask is good. It won't fall off easily even if you are in all sorts of position. 
(I know some masks that are unable to adhere to your face well shortly after applying)

2. The mask doesn't sting and cause redness to your skin after using. So I assume it is fine for sensitive skins.

3. Skin does feel hydrated after one time application and apart from that not much changes but I guess more applications are needed to judge the effectiveness of the mask and see clear results.

4. Not suitable for big faces like mine! I was struggling to stretch the sides to my ears (probably due to the large surface area of my face and I was saddened about this haha)

What you should know about this mask?
  • RM10 per piece. They are currently having 50% promotion on their website (Original price is RM20)
  • Won Taiwan Golden Diamond Award of Taiwan Expend Top Commodity 2013
  • TT masks are also certified Halal by the Chinese Muslim Association of Taiwan so the masks are perfectly fine for Muslims to use =D
Visit Timeless Truth official website at for more details.
Butterfly Fund Raising Walk
It was a meaningful and fun experience joining the walk with the other Butterflies. The walk was held at TTDI park on 4th May 2014 (my first time going to the park though staying nearby! A0A). The purpose of the walk is to raise fund in order to build a better community for beauty and lifestyle bloggers with passion.  

Posing with the goodies bag after the excitement of discovering awesome stuff inside! The goodies bags were given to the participants as a token of appreciation. Frankly speaking, the goodies bag is worth so much more than the RM10 we paid in order to join the walk.

Two Yogood cereal bars were given for a energetic start of the day! They are yummy indeed. Sumore only less than 100 per bar! Thumbs up!

Jac, Jean and me! We were quite ecstatic at the sight of monkeys hopping around in the green-filled park. I love animals, monkeys and all but the sight of baby monkeys gave me a minor shock as they remind me of mutated human babies with tiny heads and black faces. Perhaps I'm being too imaginative here, haha @.@

An adult monkey enjoying his fresh morning air just like how we did. I have not been exercising much recently (zero exercise done to be exact) as the final exams are approaching. This walk reminds me of how I used to love my morning jogs at Desa Park City. I need my daily workout back once the exams are over.

A pathway in between the thick and dense trees.

At the hanging bridge. I was running to the other end frantically after realising the bridge was swaying horizontally. I guess I wouldn't be able to overcome this height phobia forever.


Queuing up for free Gongcha drinks!

Heard the truck broke down while on the way to the park but still managed to arrive despite being late. Kudos to the Gongcha team!

With Tammy, the founder of Butterfly Community! Thanks for organising such great event and I look forward to join more Butterfly events in the future Y(^-^)Y

That's all for today's post! Thanks Jac Jac for the awesome pictures taken by her Samsung NXmini!