Friday, September 13, 2013

One Month Abs Challenge

Getting strong and good-looking abs is probably one of the most discussed fitness topics right now. In Korea, the ideal abs is often named the '11-shaped' abs which refers to the two vertical lines on each side of the abs resembling '11'. In Taiwan, they refer such corset-like abs as '馬甲線' which is translated as 'corset lines'. 

張婷媗, a 43 year old mother from Taiwan who is famous for her sexy and prominent corset lines. Just about a month ago, I was hoping that one day I can have beautiful abs like hers too. Then I started doing my abs exercise more regularly and also focusing on more cardio and this is the results after one month of hard work.

Almost there, but not quite yet. I still need to work harder towards my goal of achieving the 'corset lines' that I desire.

However, it's not difficult to achieve that killer abs which has been portrayed as the standard of fitness beauty right now. Try these abs exercise below and you will see amazing results in one month. I have been doing the exercises regularly (almost daily) and I'm seeing the results already! Of course, don't forget your cardio workout to get rid of the extra fat over your tummy or else your abs wouldn't show.

Circuit Abs Exercise
1. Abdominal crunches 20 reps

2. Side plank lifts 10 reps for each side
3. Oblique twist with weight or medicine ball 20 reps
4. Standing side flexion 20 reps for each side
5. Elbow planking for 35sec
6. Straight leg raises 20 reps

Repeat for 3-5 sets. Thanks to hubby who taught me this killer abs exercise routine!

In addition, do these amazing abs exercise videos by blogilates.

The 'Abs on fire' workout video is a tough one but do not give up. You might not be able to finish the entire routine during your first try but trust me, your abs will get stronger as long you keep doing the exercises regularly.

And also be sure to eat clean as there's a saying that abs are made in the kitchen!

That's all!


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