Friday, August 31, 2012

✈ Postcard From UK

Was thrilled to receive a postcard from UK and the sender is Hui Ming who recently has just returned from her summer programme in Lancaster University. By the way, how many of you are still receiving postcards from friends as I've rarely heard people sending postcards in this reigning electronic/emailing era. For this reason I'm starting to appreciate hand written letters/cards even more. 

Manchester postcard! ✈

And yes the best thing in life would be travelling around the world, gaining new and fun experience. I have previously talked to hubby about our travelling dreams and soon we are gonna make them happen =)

P/S: Happy Independence Day!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe @ Publika

Was at Publika for a meet up session with the secondary school mates and we decided to head over to Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe for lunch. I've read many blog reviews about it previously so I wanted to explore about this cafe. I'm also an avid Korean food lover so anything that's Korean will get my attention immediately.

Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe is located right next to the outdoor children playground which I think is at the second floor (same end as B.I.G Supermarket). 'Namoo' means tree in Korean literally and the owner of the restaurant is inspired by a tree when he/she gazes out the window and decided to call this cafe 'Namoo". 

A tight hug from Hui Ming for all of us. Squashed ><.

Cute menu made up of rough brown papers and a clothes hanger.

A solemn quote in contrast to the supposedly cheerful looking cafe @.@.

Hui Ming and I.

One notable dish you should try is this highly-rated sweet potato cake. For someone who dislikes sweet potato like me, it's surprisingly acceptable and you have to eat it with the complimentary ice cream for the taste of ecstasy. Mmmmmm. 

Cute Namoo Cafe flag.

Second dish. Kimchi Soup. Yummy and not too spicy for those who have low tolerance for spicy food.

Third dish, Bulgogi Dukboggi (Beef meat slices with Korean Rice Cake). I still prefer the original Dukboggi with spicy red Korean chili paste.

The rest would be some random photos that I took.

Went to Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt for dessert after meal. We ordered original, dates and rose & lime flavours and they are as good as always. 

The Moo Cow's tree of alive.

Looking forward to bring my hubby here as Publika is a nice place to hang out. Not to mention there are just too many eateries to choose from.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hubby ♥ Korean Food

Lost my iphone because I left it at the food centre in Ikano. =( =( =(
Lucky Hubby came back from Ipoh just in time to help cancel my old sim card and retrieve my old number back with a new sim card. He also gave me another phone to use for the time being. Couldn't be more thankful enough. T____T

So I decided to reward him with something special. =D

My friend Jacqueline gave me the link of this video a while ago and it was about a Korean guy cooking some Korean dishes for his girlfriend. He demonstrated step by step on how to cook awesome cheese Dukbokki (Korean Rice Cake) and Fried Chicken Potato Roll. Was sooooo tempted to experiment with the Fried Chicken Potato roll after watching the video because it looks pretty impressive and delicious too!

If you are interested, watch the video! Very easy to understand! Recommended for girlfriends or boyfriends who love to impress the other half! =D

Everything is explained well in the video. That's why I'm not going to explain step by step on how to cook it. Besides, the ingredients are easy to get! You can get the Ottogi brand breadcrumbs from Cold Storage, chicken fillet from any supermarket (you can simply flatten the meat by smacking them with the surface of your kitchen knife, just make sure you don't over-smack it into bits).

and here is the final result of my own version of the Fried Chicken Potato Roll! I replaced the Mozarella Cheese with Cheddar Cheese, Sweet Potato with normal potato.

Can you believe that I made this all by myself? Look impressive enough right? =D =D =D

Hubby loving it! I think I might be a good housewife in the future. Oops, haha.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday with Hubby

My Raya holiday is one week and I will be only starting my class next Monday. Time is not wasted lazing at home though as the holiday would be a good opportunity to spend time with the loved ones. While most of the people went for a short trip, I spend my holidays in the city where the usual hustle and bustle disappears. It definitely feels good travelling around the city without having to worry about congested traffic or parking problems.

Went to visit Hubby's old place at Taman Desa.

Hubby's portrait shot. Haha. I really need to learn how to take portrait shots. Maybe photography magazines will help?

Had lunch at Kajitsu Nihon Ryori, a Japanese restaurant in the quiet neighbourhood.

 Hubby and I.

 Hubby and hubby's cute mum.

Small nihon style restaurant with cosy ambience.

My camera battery died just then which explains the tiny food pictures below. 
From left: Japanese cold noodle set, Spicy ramen set and sushi set.

Food is good! Portion is substantial and price is average.

And I shall end the post with the newly bought ViVi magazine.

That's all!

Kajitsu Nihon Ryori
39A Town Centre
Jalan Desa Bakti, Taman Desa
Off Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Four Little Flowers at Just Thai

Met up with Hui Ming, Peggy and Tofu at Just Thai Restaurant in One Utama this afternoon and as usual, there was a lot to catch up but too bad Tofu need to catch a midnight flight to Canada or else we could have had a longer get together session.

The four of us, who have known each other for many years, never failed to meet each other up annually despite studying in different universities thus we are being nicknamed the 'four little flowers' by Tofu's mum. Si Duo Xiao Hua. Haha. I think it's because we look like this. 

A food picture to increase your salivation. =D

 The must order Tomyam Seafood.

We ordered Tom Kha Gai as well, which is Thai Coconut Chicken soup and is super yummy. Pineapple fried rice is average nice. Thai food is a must if you are having bad appetite especially in warmer days.

Was trying to come out with an artistic shot *amateur photographer wanna-be* .

 The Si Duo Xiao Hua.

 Hui Ming and Peggy.

The ever radiant Tofu. 

 Lovely friendship gifts from Peggy. Cute handmade pouches with our names sewn individually. Love it! 

 And also souvenirs from Hui Ming who just came back from UK.

 Tofu's Inai, which is a liquid extract from Inai plant used to decorate hands for the Malays and Indians.

and till we meet again!


Sunday, August 19, 2012


Carrying a half kg dslr and finding the right angle by stooping or tip toeing is never an easy task especially when you are shooting Ashie. It's almost like engaging in a workout. 

You want a pose? Alright, how about looking sideways?

Or do I look better looking 45 degree upwards?
(Favourite shot)

I love how she folds her arms (or front limbs) in front of her chest whenever she's resting on the floor which I think resembles a very well-mannered, shy Japanese woman haha.

Thinking of getting her an outfit to wear. Should I should I?


P/S: (Updated on 21/8/2012)

Have been continuing exploring my EOS 600D and here are my current favourite shots!