Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mahsa Halloween Night 2012

Gahhhhhhh creepy not? 

 Weeeee had a lot fun at Mahsa Halloween Night 2012 last Wednesday! Everyone put so much effort in making this event a success and I guess a separate post is needed to put it into words. Gonna post mostly pictures of me and hubby for now. Kyahaha. I did not know what to dress up as for the night actually. I watched a White Queen (from Alice in Wonderland) make up tutorial the night before and was thinking 'Hey, let's do White Queen make up then. Anne Hathway looks creepily gorgeous in that make up'. Then I wore this black lace dress and a pair of ankle boots and somehow I ended up being the wife from Adam's family. =D 

 Hubby finally agreed to come to the event. Thanks hubby! I did some light make up for him though it's barely noticeable. Haha.

 Adrian transformed himself into one of the zombies from the Walking Dead. Haha. Hubby being horrified.

 The team spent so much time doing these props and they look amazing!

Bahhhh! Just me and the props haha. Thanks hubby for helping out.

Me making up as ...?

Can you spot a black cat in this picture? =D

Me and Hubby.

Me and Ms. Ghostly Geisha. She won RM50 for being first runner up in our best dressed award. Congrats!

Me and make up artist of the night, Jac!

Me and one of the Top 10 Best Dressed, Jenice.

 Love this picture of us ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Me with second runner up and Mahsa Chinese Society president, Adrian.

That's all!