Sunday, September 30, 2012

Magenta @ Publika

I'm a Hainanese and I always boast about my grandaunt's Hainanese chicken rice which is so authentic and delicious that you can't find it anywhere else. It's difficult to find such nice chicken rice in KL because most of the time either the chicken meat is too dry or the rice is simply not up to standard. My dad even says that the best chicken rice he ever had is the one that my grandaunt cooks and he rarely compliments on food because he is picky like that.

But the good news is, the chicken rice is now available to all food lovers at Magenta which is my grandaunt's family newly opened restaurant at Publika.

Magenta is a family concept restaurant which offers a variety of dishes range from western food, pastries, high tea and of course their famous chicken rice. Rest assured that the food experience they offer is not what you will find at other eatery outlets because the entire restaurant is currently run by the family itself, with my grandaunt cooking the chicken rice every day, my cousin baking the cookies, my aunts and uncles making the coffee and taking care of the kitchen. So you can trust that the quality of food served at Magenta will never disappoint you.

Some of the black and white family photos displayed at Magenta which are few decades old. Customers who dine at Magenta can have a look at these vintage family photos.

First dish, the 'not so ordinary' chicken rice and the best way to eat it is to dip the chicken meat in dark soy sauce, chilli and grated ginger. I'm not sure if all Hainanese eat the same way as we do, but my dad sure loves to dip the chicken meat in dark soy sauce. 

Now I can have my favourite chicken rice at Magenta, Publika.

 The second dish recommended by my aunt is Tuna Steak topped with roasted sesame sauce.

You can request for it to be medium-cooked or well cooked but I prefer it to be medium-cooked. As you can see, the tuna steak is cooked and crispy on the outside but raw and succulent on the inside. Slurps~

Me and my parents trying their signature dishes.

For scone lovers, you wouldn't want to miss their scones here.
Cut the scone into half and spread the half with blueberry jam and cream cheese. I forgot to snap pictures of the coffee as I was too busy with the delicious food and all. Magenta coffee is one thing the customers should try and it goes well with scones.

Very cosy ambience. 

Remember there was a time when we used to play paper dolls? Apparently Magenta has its own paper doll which you can dress her up with different style of clothes and handbags. 

Tadaa! Which version do you like the most?

Ended the fulfilling meal with caramel milk pudding. Strongly recommended. 

Cakes are also available at Magenta for tea-time lovers.

I must say that the dining experience here at Magenta is awesome and everyone should give it a try. It's located at ground floor, Publika, right next to Baskin Robbins.



Hilda Milda™ said...

When it was still not open yet, I thought it would be a fashion boutique until I saw it last week that it turned out to be a cafe! Hehe will definitely give it a try when I'm there next time (:

XCB said...

thanks!!! =D

Choi Yen said...

How's the price range?

XCB said...

food price ranges from rm10++ to RM40++. It depends on what you order.

Davis Fung said...

It’s now closed. Has it moved to a new location ?

admin said...

I think it has not