Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kakatoo Nyonya & Western Restaurant @ Ativo Plaza

Ativo Plaza is a new commercial hotspot in the area where I live at as numerous new shops, cafes and restaurants are opening here. Even Hero supermarket joined the list of the shops opened here in addition to Subway, Kenny Rogers, BMS Organics, Kaffa Espresso Bar (OMG, I love coffee shops), Brewery Tap and many more!

 Ativo Plaza @ Bandar Sri Damansara.

 Today I will be introducing a new restaurant opened here which is quickly becoming a favourite dining place for the residents here! Located at second floor, Kakatoo is a fusion restaurant incorporating Nyonya and Western style in their dishes. 

 Lovely ambience.

 One of my favourite dish here would be this Mushroom Aglio Olio. It may seem like a simple dish not worth mentioning but Kakatoo has nailed this Mushroom Aglio Olio perfectly. The mushroom is not too overwhelming as they added just the right amount of it. The herbs also give additional fragrance to this simple yet highly satisfying dish. Not many western restaurants can present such a perfect Mushroom Aglio Olio so I give double thumbs up for this dish. 

 Kakatoo's cendol is also one of the dishes in the must-try-list. Highly recommended by my dad who is a cendol lover.

Here comes the star of the day... *Drumrolls*

 Tadaa! I forgot the name of this epic dessert which is not on the menu yet. The chef treated us this special dessert as a gesture of welcome to their newly opened restaurant. The chef assembled all the ingredients in one plate with his impressive plating skills that made this dessert such a beauty to look at.

 Close shot. It's actually a combination of Vanilla ice cream, apple sauce, crepe and rolled oats with dashes of caramel and chocolate syrup. I was immediately impressed when I took a bite. The combination of warm crepe and cold ice cream is just perfect and the additional sweetness of the apple sauce also gives extra bonus to this meticulous dish.

I really hope this dish can be on the menu soon because I'm going to order it next time again for sure!

Picture of the young chef and the owner of the restaurant.

Do visit Kakatoo for a highly satisfying meal when you drop by Ativo Plaza @ Bandar Sri Damansara. Rest assured that you will be treated to high quality dishes with reasonable pricing when you come here.

That's all for today's food review! Will soon be reviewing more restaurants that opened here!

Ativo Plaza, Lot B-2-6, Block B,
No.1, Jalan PJU 9/1, Damansara Avenue,
Bandar Sri Damansara, PJU 9,
52200, Kuala Lumpur.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tonkatsu and Espressamente @ Pavilion

Yayyyyy! I finally fought procrastination and here am I again, updating my blog after the unannounced absence for about a month. There are so many things I would like to blog about but I shall begin the marathon with our 2nd anniversary!

I was craving for some satisfying savoury food and Tonkatsu immediately caught my attention. We strolled around to scan for more dining options but still we chose Tonkatsu in the end. 


 Guess what are these for?

Green tea.

Fried battered chicken! Tonkatsu is basically fried battered pork cutlet so this is the chicken meat version of it.

 My Tonkatsu set with Miso soup and rice.


 Hubby's Tonkatsu set with Udon soup.

 Extremely crispy battered pork cutlet!! You have to dip it in the special sauce or else it will be too dry to just eat it like that.

 Special sauce for Tonkatsu! Seriously addicting as I couldn't stop refilling the sauce. It even goes well with plain white rice. Give me a bowl of plain Japanese rice and I can finish it all by just pouring the sauce all over it without the Tonkatsu.

More pictures! This might be a boring food post because all that I've got here are pictures of fried stuff and all fried stuff look almost identical...

Round shape fried battered chicken that I mentioned earlier.

This time I'm focusing on the shredded cabbage. Haha. The yellow sauce is definitely not mustard. It is a super spicy version of wasabi and it went straight up to my nose after taking a huge bite of it. I felt my nostrils flaring like a dragon.

Rectangle shaped tonkatsu.

Chicken or Pork? I don't which is which already.

Fried stuff overload. Haha. We had enough fried stuff to last for a week. I guess I wouldn't want to eat fried stuff again after devouring all these.

A single set costs about RM30 including tax charges. It was a little bit pricey but still worth trying especially for those who love fried stuff. Hubby didn't really like it because he wasn't a fan of cripsy fried stuff. He prefers something that comes with sauce or soup. Haha. 

Went to Espressamente to sip some coffee.

 My favourite Cappucino.

 Hubby's Iced Mocha.

 Hubby's favourite Affogato!

That's all for our 2nd anniversary celebration. We celebrated by rewarding ourselves with good food and coffee. A simple blissful day like this can easily make me feel contented and happy. Last but not least, happy 2nd Anniversary to us! =D

And more foodie posts to come! =D =D =D


Monday, November 4, 2013

October Short Update!

미안해요! >.<
요즘 진짜바빠요. 시간이 없어요.

So sorry!! (if there's a slight possibility of people waiting for my next post). Was so busy recently that I have neglected my blog for quite some time. If some of you are curious about what I've been up to, here's a short update post of what I've been into recently =P.

1. Started Korean Language Level 2A!

Group picture of students who attended the Saturday 11:30am class. The second guy on the left is our teacher!
산생님이 왠쪽에 두본째예요. 학생은 모두 아홉명이에요. 한글을 아주 좋아해요.

2. Attended Functional Fusion Training FIT course.

The 10 hours workshop was a fruitful learning experience for us and thanks to Hubby who made this possible! Was really sore after completing the circuit training designed by ourselves. Love it!
나무 힘들지만 많배워요.

Lots of corrective exercise going on before going deeper into functional fusion training. It was an essential basic principle that many people tend to neglect. You can do a plank for 5 minutes but there's no point doing it for so long if you can't even maintain the correct posture of a good plank.

3. Catching up with bestie @ Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie, Taman Danau Desa. Will blog about the outing in a separate post soon!

Finally, the long awaiting double date! 크 크 크
너무 재미있어요. 빵이 도 아주 맛있어요.

4. Adopted another kitty! He's about 4 months old when I adopted him. Will reveal the face of the new resident soon! ^^

제 고양이예요. 고양이가 자고있어요.

That's all for today's short update post! ^^
여기 끝내있어요.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NASAM Hope Walk 2013 - Volunteer Work

The week after the Fexco Asian Gaelic Games, I signed up for another volunteer work again which is the NASAM Hope Walk 2013. NASAM stands for the National Stroke Association of Malaysia which is a non-profit organisation to help stroke survivors. NASAM Hope Walk 2013 is organised to increase the awareness of stroke among the young and old. During the event, the caregiver, friends and stroke survivors participated in the walk at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to honour stroke survivors. 

 The beautiful dawn at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. You can see the construction of the iconic YTL building (known as The Capers) at Sentul East.

Participants and volunteers walking for the same cause.

 Group picture with the last stroke survivor to reach the finishing line. He could only walk in very slow manner yet he was so determined to finish the walk by himself. He took 3 hours to finish one round of walk around the lake which is around 2.5km. So touched to see such determination and effort from the uncle. He received our biggest cheer and applause when he finally reached the finishing line. = )

The determined uncle.

Another group picture.

 With Christy.

The walk ended at around 11am and I was feeling very tired already. However, it was fun to participate in such a meaningful event. I was also very delighted to see some of my past stroke patients from NASAM particpated in the walk even though they are wheel-chair bound.

That's all! No more volunteer works for now as I have to focus on my research proposal. Still a long long way to go until I'm able to finish it.


Monday, October 14, 2013

My first sports physio exeperience - Fexco Asian Gaelic Games 2013

Had fun volunteering at my first international sports event, the Asian Gaelic Games, despite suffering from soreness all over my hand muscles. The games is held at the Putrajaya Equestrian Park on 12th -13th October. Gaelic games is actually a traditional sports from Ireland (also known as Irish football) which requires a combination of techniques and movements from rugby, basketball, football and volleyball. It's something very new in Malaysia and most of the players who participated in this event are Caucasians with a minority of Japanese and Taiwanese. 

The role of sports physiotherapist came into play when the athletes had injuries such as muscles strains, ligament sprains and etc. I've always wanted to do some sports physio so I was really happy to be able to participate in this event. I had to do a lot of therapeutic massage, stretching and of course Kinesio taping for the athletes. My thumb and fingers are really sore when I'm typing this blog post. @.@

The treatment beds occupied by the athletes and the physios doing their best to make the athletes feel better before going back to the field. Gaelic football is a highly competitive sports so the athletes have to be in their best form in order to play well.

Me doing some taping on my classmate. Taping is something that we don't often practice in our usual clinical postings so it was really good that we can just go ahead and tape everyone in the event =D.

Taping the injured calf muscle for one of the players. =D

Credits to my fellow classmates for all the pictures. =)

Me with a Korean sports physiotherapist sunbaenim for the Korean team. His taping skill is really good as he is an experienced sports physio for more than 10 years. Too bad I wasn't able to communicate with him well as he's not good in speaking English and my Korean is almost useless at that point. All I know is how to introduce myself, how to order food and how to ask for directions blablabla which didn't help much when talking to my sunbaenim. Haha. Hope to find him in Korea next time and learn some taping techniques! Haha.

A really cute mixed Japanese-Irish girl, Haruka. I love her curly copper hair and her oversized team shirt. Haha. Cuteness overload!

 Me, Christy and Jacqueline showing our certificates proudly.

Group picture with Joanna and Morah. The physiotherapists in charge.

Group picture with ze classmates. Thanks to my university and the Gaelic Games Organising Committee for giving us this amazing opportunity! My next volunteer work will be the NASAM hope walk! Can't wait for another amazing experience!