Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spicy Korean Rice Cake (Tteokbokki) 떡볶이에요!

오늘 한국어학교에 떡볶이를 먹었어요. 이떡볶이는 아주맛싰어요. 너무너무좋아해요!
Today's Korean language class was extremely fun because we were treated to homemade spicy Korean rice cake made by a couple of Korean housewives at the language centre. It was my first time trying homecook Korean food and it tastes so different compared to the usual tteokbokki we have at Korean cuisine restaurants. Nothing can beat homecook food really. Today also marked the the end of our level 1B classes. Hubby and I will be starting level 2A classes in three weeks time! =D

 Tteokbokki in a cup. So delicious! The tteokbokki was cooked and served to us on the spot!

Me being very excited to try the Tteokbokki.

 Hubby looking like a gluttony here but in fact he never ate the Tteokbokki as he was having sore throat.

Enjoying every bite~

Om nom nom~

A picture of the ingredients before cooking. There were fish cakes, Korean dumpling, hard boiled eggs, spring onions, cabbage, Korean ramen and korean rice cakes. I absolutely love the fried Korean dumpling stuffed with sweet potato starch noodles, also known as Mandu (만두) in Korean. The dumplings were made by my Korean teacher's wife. It was my first time trying Korean dumpling and they were super super delicious!

Tteokbokki in the making!

 Korean housewives busy making Tteokbokki!

Guess what Hubby brought for me today? My favourite fitness magazines!

Plus he also bought high calcium milk for me today! Thanks hubby! <3

I hereby announce that my 7th clinical placement is finally over. Will definitely miss all the patients at the rehab centre I was posted to! I've gained so much experience and knowledge thanks to the patients and senior physiotherapists!

Group photo with UNIKL and Sime Darby students! Miss them already!

That's all for today's update! All I want to do now is rest and fully enjoy my carefree days as a physiotherapy student. 


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