Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BBQ Gangnam Korea @ Lowyat, Bukit Bintang

Hubby and I recently bought a food voucher online which allows us to enjoy a 2 pax Korean BBQ for RM30 only! We are so excited to give this relatively new korean restaurant a try as you know we are both korean food fanatics!

RM30 for 2 pax Korean BBQ? Sounds like a too good to be true deal. I was skeptical about the food portion the restaurant would be serving because most of the times, either the quality or the serving size of the food will be compromised with this kind of cheap online deals. Let's see if this online deal is worth buying.

 The Korean BBQ restaurant that offer this cheap deal is BBQ Gangnam Korea. Even restaurants are catching up to the Gangnam style act nowadays. Sure enough, you can see PSY 아저씨 (ahjussi) in chef attire.

Haha. PSY doing the horse galloping dance while saying 사랑합니다 (I love you).

 YG Family signatures! I don't recognise the signatures at all because I can't really read the handwritten Korean words. Too messy. Haha. Is there anyone who knows whose signatures are they displaying?

 What I like about this shop is they have a big TV screen which shows Korean variety programmes. Hubby was watching the TV so intensely that his eyes had never strayed from the TV screen once he sat down. Haha.

 Cute chalkboard with lovely drawings.

PSY on the menu.

 Electric BBQ grill!

 Hubby! And that's the Korean boss in the background!

So what do we get with the voucher we bought earlier?

 A pot of Korean brown rice tea.

 And also three side dishes refillable for one time only. I love the marinated Japanese cucumbers and also the salted anchovies.

 A close-up shot of the kimchi. This kimchi is a bit more sourish but tasty nevertheless.

Korean steamed egg in a pot! Love steamed eggs with scallions or green onions! They could have added more seasonings though.

 Pork Belly BBQ! We are given three and a half thinly-sliced pork belly. The pork belly looks fresh with the pinkish colour and the proportion of fat and lean meat is just nice but the downside is they are way too thin. Need to cut down some cost I suppose.

 The finished product. Crisp and succulent. They taste reasonably good as how a pork belly should taste like but I was slightly disappointed with the thinner than expected pork belly slices because it's only possible to enjoy the texture of the pork with thicker slices.

Fresh vegetables to wrap with the grilled pork belly.


 Tofu Stew.

 Sourish with a tad of spiciness. This dish turns out to be quite satisfying.

We were not quite done with our dinner yet so we ordered an additional dish to fill our tummy.

Doria (fried rice with kimchi, beef slices topped with melted Mozarella cheese, price: RM15.90).
 Doria is a fusion style dish and it is soooo good. If you like cheese baked rice, you will definitely love this too! It has the same texture as cheese baked rice but more flavourful with the additional kimchi and beef slices. I did some google searching and found out that Doria is actually Gratin but served with leftover rice instead of macaroni. 

The meal portion was definitely not enough for the two of us. This is what will happen when you buy cheap food voucher online so it was kind of expected. Overall, the online deal is worth buying as we were still able to try different type of dishes including the pork belly BBQ. However, if you want to enjoy a proper Korean meal, I would suggest you to forget about online deals and order from the menu instead.

Is this restaurant worth coming back for? Well, we will definitely come back for their Doria. Besides, BBQ Gangnam Korea also has a variety of  side dishes, snacks and other interesting dishes (they have so many types of Kimbap!) hence we would also come back to try those. However, we became really thirsty after the meal and we thought that it could be due to the monosodium glutamate (MSG) they use which explains why the food here tastes so good. Sigh most restaurants use MSG anyway so it's better to cook your own food!

 FYI, there will be another branch opening at Sungei Wang!

That's all!

 Low Yat Plaza , 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 016-252 8249


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