Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dr. Cafe @ One Utama and Amazing Abs

I used to love drinking Cappucino until I realised I have some degree of lactose intolerance which causes me to have bloated stomach and diarrhea after consuming dairy products =(. I've never experienced any problem drinking milk in the past so it could have developed when I'm growing older. Haha. I still drink Cappucino these days but only once in a while. Usually I will try to avoid it as much as I can. If possible, I would make a request to substitute the fresh milk with soy milk instead. Coffee Societe at Publika is one of the coffee shops that offer soy milk as an alternative, which means I can still enjoy my Cappucino without having to worry about the unpleasant aftermath!

Even so, I still enjoy drinking Cappucino and I've found out that Dr.Cafe serves one of my favourite Cappucino in town. It's because the texture of the milk foam is so so so fine and fluffy that I felt like I was sipping espresso with clouds floating over it. I'm wondering if the same cloud effect can be done on soy milk.

Sigh, I'm currently having my 6 weeks of clinical placement at a private physiotherapy centre in Subang which explains my lack of update and inspiration in blogging. 1 week down and 5 more weeks to go. I'm so so so looking forward to the day that the clinical placement ends.

Even with the busy schedule, I still try my best to go to the gym whenever I can. At the same time I will also keep doing my home exercises. I'm trying to be a more efficient person by spending my time more productively because I realise time goes by so fast and my life is moving on a faster pace than before. 1 more year before graduating and the reality is starting to sink in.

*Inserts my current motivation*

Let's guess the age of the girl standing on the left.

20? Nope.
30? Nope.
She's a 43 years old mother with two kids. Zhang Ting Xuan (張婷媗)from Taiwan. Taiwanese version of Korea's Jung Da Yeon. Her tight abs is amazing!! I want to have abs like hers in 3 months! And I know it's possible because I'm already halfway there as a result of daily abs exercises!

Her before and after picture.

More pictures of her.

 *Nose bleeds*

A picture of her sister and herself. Both have amazing abs too.

She looks like a teenage girl here. I want to look like that when I'm hitting 40 too.

After School Kahi's tight abs looks amazing too! 

I'm soo obsessed with abs right now. Haha.

That's all for today's quickie update!



*JacQueliNe* said...

Woooo really look like mei mei leh. Omg need to practice from young. Lets keep going. ;)

XCB said...

yalorhhh let's work hard together =)