Monday, July 30, 2012

July Recap

 July is such a significant month for me this year. Not only it is my most important birthday month, it also signifies the start of Puasa month for the Muslims, London Olympics Games and a brand new college semester. Well means that I'm gonna be busy busy and no time for slacking around. Sigh let's hope I will be doing well in my studies through the remaining year. Okay here's a recap of the past few weeks happenings which I didn't manage to blog.

#1 Canceled my T-ara Showcase tickets as Hwayoung, my favourite member is leaving the group due to some controversies. Not gonna pay to watch a girl group which is rumored to have bullied Hwayoung just because she is a new member and has to endure all these hardships. Sigh. More details here:

#2 Stayed up late to watch the opening ceremony of the London Olympics Games and I love it! Well, not the impressive synchronization shown by the Chinese in the Beijing Olympics but I love the sincerity and the wit of the Brits in their performance.

#3 Finally signed up as a member at Sports Toto Fitness Centre today! See what I mean about being busy? Hubby had previously blogged about this gym here

#4 Tried out Vivo Pizza for the first time. Nothing special though and I would prefer a home delivered Domino pizza.  

#5 Also watched The Dark Knight Rises twice. First one was with family and the second one was with hubby. Despite being well-praised by media critics, movie franchise fans and cinema audience, the story has not impacted me as much as I would have expected. My dad said it was boring and my mum loved it. Me just being indifferent and wondering what I could have missed amidst the applause and chatters of the impressed cinema crowd.

#6 Here's Ashie watching tv leisurely #likeaboss

#7 Having fun hitting nails to fix the broken closet at Hubby's place. Reminds me of our Kemahiran Hidup class in high school.

Also, an additional item to my reading list as I have received this novel for my birthday. ^^

Gahhh.. and many more to come! Where is the time when I need it? =S


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