Friday, July 20, 2012

Shin Chon Military Soup @ Ampang

Few weeks ago, I came across this Korean restaurant selling Military soup when I was browsing some online blogs and it caught my attention immediately as I've never heard of Korean military soup. Couldn't wait to try it out with hubby and so finally here we are in Ampang =D

The entrance to the restaurant at first floor right beside Snogurt, the Frozen Yogurt store.

We spent so much time finding this restaurant as we were misguided by the blog which refers the location of the restaurant as 'Just behind Galaxy Ampang'. In fact, it is about 15 minutes walk from Galaxy Ampang to the commercial shoplot located right in front of Ampang Putra Residency. The Korean Military soup restaurant is at the same row as Bangi Kopitiam and Shin Sun Mi Korean Supermarket.

Hubby with his favourite Korean canned soft drinks.

Take note of the small sign which will lead you to the restaurant at First floor.

 The relieved hubby as we finally managed to locate the restaurant after walking cluelessly for who knows how long. However the restaurant only opens at 2:20pm so we had to come back later as we arrived early.

 The menu. We ordered 2 sets of Spicy Military soup (RM22 per person) with additional Ramyen (RM6). Steam rice and seawood soup is also included without additional charges.

Happy Happy me. ^^

 Tadaa! The long awaited Korean Military Soup. This is actually a simple dish with sausages, luncheon meat, kimchi, tofu, glass noodles and green onions but it tastes surprisingly good. For the curious ones, I will explain why it is called the Military Soup later =).

After adding the broth.

 Ramyen to be added into the boiling broth.

 Free complimentary side dishes.

 The Military soup after boiling for about 10 minutes. It does look like Kimchi soup in a way but it is different in taste wise.

 There you go, the origin of Military soup. In the midst of war, the Korean army came out with a dish that includes American imported ingredients such as sausages and luncheon meat and also their local kimchi to be boiled together and it became a popular dish till now.

 Step by step guide on how to enjoy your Military Soup.

 They also have Dak Galbi and various chicken dishes as well.

I really enjoy having my lunch here as the meal is fulfilling for both of us. Highly recommended for Korean food lovers.

Shin Chon Korean Restaurant
No.5-L2, Ampang Putra Residency Persiaran Putra Sulaiman, Taman Putra Sulaiman, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

by CSY


Angie Teh said...

omo look bloody tempting >< gonna try it someday ^^

Joey Chin said...

must try ^^

durianland said...

The Korean Military Soup looks great! It looks like steamboat with typical korean red colored soup. Price wise still okay! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This shop looks like had change owner. I had visited this outlet few time past 2 years. I prefer the previous owner taste more better than this. Even the Banchan now serve far less than before.

XCB said...

@Anonymous Really?? awwww would like to try dish prepared by the previous owner