Thursday, July 19, 2012

Homecook Hakka Food @ Kepong

In times where young people frequent mostly famous restaurant chains and fast food chains, I wondered how many left are passionate about finding traditional good food. Usually passed down from generations and located at unexpected places, these hidden gems are only known by word of mouth from the regular customers who have visited the restaurants for years. I'm lucky to have a dad who is a food lover and a food venturer as I follow him around enjoying good food since young. He is one of the regular customers of this restaurant that I'm going to blog about.

Hubby trying homecook Hakka food for the first time.  

Here are some must try dishes recommended by us. One thing to be noted is that the owner of this restaurant is the cook and the only one whom you can order food from. Therefore the average waiting time is about half an hour for the dishes to be served.

 This dish is just simply awesome because it tastes almost like my grandmother's cooking.

 and who doesn't like teaochew steamed fish?

 Crispy fried brinjal.

which I have to say is my all time favourite.

 Mummy's favourite.

 Thumbs up for this dish as the pork is well cooked that the portion of the fat is just nice so your blood cholesterol wouldn't shoot sky high. 

Daddy's favourite.

We ended the meal with their famous papaya and it is a must eat dessert for every customer there.

This secretive restaurant is located right in front of The Challengers' Sports Complex near Metroprima Kepong with red extended roof top and no sign.

Latest update on 17/5/2014: The famous homecook Hakka food (阿梅小炒) has moved its location to another end. It's still at the Challengers' Sports Complex so you don't have to worry about having difficulties in finding the new location.

Business hours: 11.30am to 3.00pm only. Closed on Sunday.

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