Friday, July 13, 2012

All The Birthday Wishes

Here's a picture post for the moment. I'm just too overwhelmed to say anything. Thanks to all the people who sincerely love me for who I am.

 Thanks to my dear boyfriend who treasures me so much and gave me all these lovely presents.

which includes this pair of couple earphone studs. <3


Hubby's favourite candid shot. Haha. 

 An advanced happy birthday to Jason (the little boy in the middle) who will be celebrating his birthday on 16th July.

 Thanks to mummy for this San Terri Chantily Vanilla Sponge Fruit Cake.

Thanks to my dear aunt and uncle who bought me such a meaningful key pendant which I dearly love.

Thanks to my dear family who insisted to organize this birthday dinner for me.
Thanks to Sabrina and her brother Jason for their lovely presents and wonderful birthday message. 

Thanks to Cousin bro and his lovely girlfriend who made it for the dinner despite being so busy.

And happy 21st birthday to me!

My 21st Birthday Resolution
1. To be a better person
2. To give love to everyone around me with no prejudice
3. To strive for excellence in everything I do


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domokun said...

happy belated birthday :)))))