Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Secrets to Happiness

Hey guys, today I'm going to share a video by Bubzbeauty which I thought could be inspiring some of the people out there who might be struggling with their constant negative thoughts.

Bubzbeauty is a youtuber who makes make up and hair tutorial videos. However, unlike other youtubers, Bubzbeauty shares inspiring thoughts with her viewers and this makes her stand out from the rest.

 I'm sure everyone has negative thoughts in their mind every single day. Be it 'why am I stuck in this traffic jam' or 'why am I unable to get what I want', everyone is constantly complaining about what they lack, what they desirous of and unable to have. Complaining, complaining and complaining seems to be everyone's daily chores. You probably complain to your friends how disgusted you are with your own flabby tummy. You probably complain about the food your mum cooks. You probably complain about your boring office job. You probably complain about your teacher in school who gives you tremendous amount of homework everyday. Instead of appreciating all the good things around us, we are more likely to complain about the tiny bits of life which we are not satisfied of. Thoughts determine your action and destiny. It's crucial to start feeding yourself with positive thoughts which motivates yourself to strive for the better rather than negative thoughts which can be destructive.

If you are a person who wants to be truly happy, let this video inspire you.

Well, for me, I took a long way to learn the true meaning of gratitude. I'm different from my past as I'm now  constantly thinking about all the good things. It's like counting the blessings you have each day and even the tiniest bit of the happy things that I have encountered on that day (eg Ashie waiting for me to come home, the boyfriend, the family etc) can make me smile when I'm walking along the street, waiting for a taxi or bus.

This is what gratitude should be. Appreciate the current and the present.


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