Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let's Buka Puasa!

It's the last week of the Ramadhan month thus explains the many buka puasa dinners organized by various corporates or individuals. Every year, me and my family get to attend buka puasa buffet at different hotels, thanks to daddy's friend for that! This year the buffet dinner was held at One World Hotel next to the One Utama Shopping Centre and of course hubby was not being missed out on this extravagant feast! 

#OOTD Mustard dress and bag from Kerra Boutique.

Cinnamon Coffee House at One World Hotel. The place was extremely packed with people of different races waiting to buka puasa (end the fasting) with our Muslim friends.

And here comes the pictures of the mouth-watering food!

Fresh Seafood.

Must have Salmon Sashimi!

Endless queue at the popular Japanese food section, me and hubby were in the queue too to grab the salmon sashimi of course!

Yong Tau Foo also got.

So we took lots of Sushi in the first round and we gobbled up everything in minutes!

Second round, Western food!

Hubby and Mummy.

Me and Mummy.

Me and Hubby!

Can't wait for the Hari Raya holiday now! Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim friends!



domokun said...

Heyyyy u lloook good in the dress!!!slimmm ah><

XCB said...

THANKS!!!! =D =D =D