Monday, August 6, 2012

En Route to a Healthier Lifestyle

 I have been staying committed to my fitness goals ever since I signed up with a gym recently. My hubby and I paid a lump sum for it so that I will have no chance at all to generate any excuse to stop me from working out regularly. Speaking of it, last Wednesday was my first visit to the gym *cheers and applause* couldn't wait to try out all the equipments there.

Towels - ☑
Water bottle - ☑
Padlock and key for locker - ☑
Gym membership card - ☑
Clothes to change after working out - ☑

 Self shot in the changing room. 

 A picture of me after working out with the gym as the background. 

 Korean Bibimbap at Sopoong Korean Restaurant for dinner.

Hubby and his favourite Korean Ramyun.

Two pots of Ramyun are needed to satisfy Hubby's ever growing appetite.

 Starbucks's buy 1 free 1 Ramadhan offer.

Ended the post with some pictures from Saturday outing with family and Hubby. 

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt - Original flavour with chocolate chips for RM9.90 per cup.


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