Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chicken House @ Ampang Korean Village

안녕하세요! I hope I'm not making you bored to death with another Korean food post (^-^)a . Ahh, can't help it because thanks to Korean food, my blog has doubled in its number of views! Omo! Plus Hubby and I are kind of Korean-food-resistant. Usually when you eat the same food over and over again, you will get sick of it eventually like this 요TL (vomiting all over the floor). Our cases are totally the opposite though. Hubby has been eating Kimchi Jjigae for months and still love Kimchi Jjigae to the max to the point that he never fails to order one whenever we step into a Korean restaurant. I guess he's showing the true spirit of a Korean food lover. (Y) ^o^ (Y)

Okay, back to the main topic. After my mock exams, I finally got the time to meet up with Hubby in Ampang. Food hideout is always my favourite place to de-stress hence we decided to have lunch at Chicken House, which has our favourite Military soup. I blogged about the Military soup once and you can click over here to read the post. However this time we would not be ordering only Military soup as Hubby strongly recommended their Korean fried chicken as well! Hurray! 아싸! \(^0^)/ Although Kyochon Fried Chicken seems to be the current hottest Korean fried chicken place in town but trust me, Chicken House might serve crispier chicken and in fact I love their fried chicken more!

Chicken House located above a laundry shop at Ampang Putra.

Do take note that Chicken House only opens at 12pm mid noon but operates until 1am midnight. Good news for late night snack eaters!

Menu for a variety of fried chicken. You can opt for half or whole chicken with different flavours to choose from. Normal fried chicken, spicy fried chicken or soy sauce fried chicken with garlic which I highly recommend! Hubby and I ordered half of the soy sauce garlic fried chicken and Korean Military soup for 2 pax.

The story behind the name of Military soup is explained in this previous post!

Hubby showing off his biceps (•¯ ∀ ¯•)

Food pictures coming next but first... let us take a selfie!

Heavy eye bags must dieeeee ㅎ_ㅎ

Love the white shoes that I got recently!

Banchan or side dishes to keep our hungry stomach occupied. The kimchi served here is more fermented then the usual ones. Love it! And side dishes refill is a norm in Korean restaurants so it's perfectly fine to ask for refill if you want to have more. However, I've heard of Korean restaurants that charges customer with every refill so always check the menu for the extra charges statement.

Our all-time favourite, Military soup before the broth was poured in. Spam, scallion sausages, tofu, kimchi and glass noodle are the ingredients you can find in this pot..

If I'm not mistaken RM5 is charged for extra Ramyeon. Military soup goes well with Ramyeon so remember to order one!

Broth was added and while we were waiting for the soup to boil, our fried chicken was served!

Crispilicious fried chicken coated with soy sauce and garlic bits. These are the ones to die for. Definitely finger licking good! The chicken was not soggy at all and remained crispy even after being drenched in sweet and savoury soy sauce. The unique flavour is not one you can easily forget. (^v^) Korean fried chicken is always one of the most popular dishes in Korea and I spotted a group of Korean kids silently munching on their fried chicken.

Finally, our Military soup was done boiling!

Yums, our perfect comfort food. Spiciness level can be adjusted depending on how much Gochujang (Korean chilli paste) is added. If you are unsure, seek suggestion from the customer-friendly Korean lady boss =).

Location: Same row as Shin Shun Mi Korean Mart, Snogurt. Above a laundry.
Address: Ampang Putra Residency, 5-L2, Jalan Ampang Putra, Taman Putra Sulaiman, Ampang.
Tel: 03-42531514

My food verdict: The Korean fried chicken are to die for. If I'm not having early dementia, this is my 3rd visit here and the Korean Military soup has never disappointed me so far. 


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