Monday, April 14, 2014

House of Humerus @ Mahsa Carnival 2014

Harlorhhh my dear readers, how was everyone's weekend? It was a rare occassion that my last weekend was jam-packed with events and carnivals (was such a couch potato in the fast few months) but I'm not complaining because I was definitely enjoying myself. 

And finally I'm officially introducing our online shop for the very first time- House of Humerus! *throws confetti* House of Humerus is an online shop set up by me, Christy and Jacqueline last year selling mostly accessories and clothing apparels selected by all of us. Our Instagram followers have been steadily increasing and we decided to rent a booth at our university carnival to sell our ready stock items! The event was a great success as we managed to sell most of our accessories and there were people who admired our carefully selected accessories by exclaiming in admiration. We could not be more happier that day as there were tons of people supporting us throughout the carnival =')

 House of Humerus first pop-up store at Mahsa Carnival 2014 held on 12th April 2014, Saturday. 

Blessed to have these friends who share the same passion with me by my side!

Lovely cardboard banners bearing our shop name made by Christy and Jac. 

Cash vouchers to be included in the lucky draw box made by me!

There were certain accessories which were selling like hotcakes including the infinity bracelet, the edgy black necklace, snake earrings and tribal earrings. Most of the accessories are still available for preorder and some still have ready stock so do contact us if you are interested! ; )

Handmade ring slots made by Christy and Jac as well. Such genius design!

Slightly higher priced necklaces were pinned up on the cork board brought by yours truly.

More eye candy accessories from us!

Jac Jac who was pretending to be shy behind the booth haha.

We were also selling some pre-loved clothes and new sweaters and skirts from House of Humerus.

There were tons of activities going on at the Mahsa Carnival as well. Christy got caught up with the mini version of Escape Room. Do check out her blog to see if she blogs about it haha.

Remember to follow us on instagram @houseofhumerus to spice up your daily outfit with our super cheap and chic accessories!
Lastly, an edited photo using photoshop. Do you like edited photos better?


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