Sunday, April 27, 2014

B-Station Korean Cafe @ Ampang Korean Village

Seems like our cravings for Korean food never stop huh, guess what, it's another Korean foodie post again!!! Woohoo!

Perhaps I'm the only one who's excited about it! Haha. /(><)\

If you are updating yourselves with the latest Korean food hotspot in town, I guess the name B-Station would be familiar to most of you. B-Station is a fusion Korean cafe promoting affordable healthy homemade Korean food (unlike Out of Seoul which is more urban and pricey).

Of course all the Korean food venture is only possible with Hubby and Hubby's mum who share the same K-food enthusiasm. We even discussed about the latest Korean drama while waiting for our food to be served.

B-Station is distinguished from the rest of Korean restaurants in Ampang with its bright white walls and sweet homey decorations. Somehow it looks like a toned down Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe. Love the concept! Oh seems like I do have a thing for vintage English design dining places. 

I always tell Hubby that I want white painted walls and white dining table for our future home. Hahahaha. Hmm hopefully he will keep that in mind! (@^_^@)

Simple menu.

And more pictures of how the interior looks like! You are not supposed to take photos in the restaurant but obviously I didn't know about that. =P 

Oops, now I saw the no photo sign! Sorrehhh *inserts Cheong Song Yi accent*

Note for social media addicts to pay attention to the people sitting next to you. No wifi! 

Homemade vinegar for sale! Healthy drinks!

I wish my dining area would look like this. So homey.

While happily snapping away, the waitress finally approached and asked me not to take photos anymore. So I obediently obliged...

Until Hubby took his Iphone out and continued curi-curi taking photos of the food we ordered!

Kimchi Pancake, Carbonara Spaghetti, Breakfast set and some side dishes.

Hmm, food tastes pretty average to me. Even Hubby's breakfast set doesn't look too appealing. Kimchi pancake is alright, not bad. Spaghetti tastes slightly bland. However, the food here is cooked in a healthy way with less salt and oil so no further complaints from me. Price is quite reasonable and affordable as well.

Aside from coffee and tea, B-Station also offers several healthy vinegar drinks to cater for the health conscious consumers. Vinegar is really good stuff for your health.

I noticed that they had a few branches elsewhere few years back but apparently the boss had decided to just focus on the Ampang branch by shutting down the other branches. So remember to find this location below to get to B-Station.

Location: Shoplot facing housing area.
Address: C14-1 Jalan Ampang Utama, 68000 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-42510455

My food verdict: Food is pretty average overall. Nothing to shout about. Is it worth coming back? Not really unless you are tight on budget as the price here is lower than other Korean restaurants. The interior deco and healthy homemade food concept stand out the most. Recommended for health conscious people out there.

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