Saturday, April 26, 2014

Famous Blogger Stalking (Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party @ Signature, The Roof)

Phew, that was such a long blogpost title. I had to add in the 'Famous Blogger Stalking' in front because that summarises what I had been doing in the event aside from some half-hearted effort to make pretty DIY accessories or decorating cupcakes. I guess I'm just too manly to participate in these girly activities. Downloaded Adobe Lightroom a while ago and it comes in handy when I was trying to edit the photos of Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party. Too much crazy pink and purple hue which made the photos look bad so editing is essential.

Instead of just giving an account of what happened during the party, I'm going to add some sentimental feelings into this blog post. I was so touched by the fact that Cheesie chose me and my buddies to join the party. I followed Cheesie's blog 4 years ago and since then I remain as a loyal reader of I can still remember vividly 2 years ago I was with Cheesie and Audrey on NHK Kawaii TV together with my same old friends (Christy, Jacqueline and Renae). NHK Kawaii TV came all the way from Japan to Malaysia to film about Gyaru fashion in Asia. Time flies and without realising the fashion trend in Japan now evolves to Neo Gal, the new Gyaru style. In short words, Neo Gal is a simpler, cooler street fashion mixed with Harajuku style and traces of western fashion influence as well. Minimal eye make up, coloured lips and natural hairstyle are taking over and replacing the heavy Gyaru make up.

This is an unglam photo of my past for reminiscence. Was around 8kg more than my current weight and my face looked incredibly square and huge. Cheesie and Audrey still look fabulous though.
A time when heavy lashes and nude lips were in-trend. This NHK Kawaii filming was the closest I had ever been with Cheesie and Audrey. The whole experience was still so surreal to me until now. =)

After the NHK Kawaii TV, I thought it would not be possible for Cheesie and Audrey to remember us as we are merely one of the thousands readers/fans they have. To my utter surprise, not only did they remember us, they even remember our names. It was during the Churpout event I think where Cheesie and Audrey were both there selling clothes and I even bought one of Cheesie's preloved clothes. Christy, Jacqueline and Renae were there too. My friends around me never really change. 

And the sad part is when all of us got invited to the Herbal Essences Neo Gal party, I didn't have any more friend to invite as plus one. Hahahaha. I was like 'Hey, I got an invite for the party, you wanna come?' and got reply like 'I got the invite too, how arh?'. Hahahaha.

I'm done reminiscing the past now and let's move on to the parteyyyyy! Bought a really nice cropped top from Mahsa Carnival and it matches the theme well so I did not hesitate to wear it to the party.

#OOTD shot with Lavender field as background.

At the make-your-own-headband area.

And it's selfie time! Jac Jac, Renae, Angie, Christy and me!

Thanks to Jac Jac who edited me so nicely in these photos. (^3^)

And group photos! Taken with beautiful view of PJ as background. Only possible at The Roof which is the highest floor of First Avenue office building. I even got the feeling of ear blockage when I took the elevator up.

Pretty ladies~

Friendship is a gift and for friendship to last this long, it's more precious than ever.

Cheesie! It's a must to take photo with my favourite blogger. Love her writing style and humour sense which make me even admire her more. Can't explain how she influences my life in words. It's just that reading her blog was once my daily dose of happiness.

Didn't really get to talk with Cheesie much. I was so shy larh. I remember saying hi to Cheesie and Audrey once I arrived and then I was star struck until completely lost the ability to converse. And then I caught her at the buffet area and again attempted to initiate a conversation. She told us how she had to frantically find a flight back to Malaysia in order to attend the event just for us *fangirl shrieking mode* 

And Audrey!

I really love her honest personality and how she always describes things in a funny way in her blog. Her blog posts are always interesting to read. There is one thing I can never forget which is how she futilely attempted to put fake eyelashes for me during the NHK Kawaii filming. She gave up after that and passed on to Lai (or Maiko). Hahaha.

Weeee Audrey looking into my camera!

And Jane!

Was impressed by Jane's DJ skills when she started spinning at the end of the event. She was very nice and friendly as well. Started following her blog 1 year ago and she's soooo pretty up close. Was a bit shy to take pictures with the rest of the bloggers such as Bwincessnana and Bobostephanie as I seldom read their blog. 

 Famous bloggers are interviewed. There's Mia and Shea too!

 Stalker mode on! Hermes and Cheesie taking a selfie together and the sight of two beautiful bloggers together looks lovely so I curi curi took a photo.

I shamelessly asked Jane to look into the camera and this was her getting her hairdo done by Number76style.

Christy got a major hairdo (literally) done by Master Chiaki from Japan. The hairstyle is the type you would see on fashion runways but I find it abit mismatch with the theme of soft pink and lavender that day. Still, Master Chiakisa's skills are amazing as he managed to turn Christy's heavy-volume hair into a big, fluffy and airy err... thing. Haha. Read more about Christy's transformation in her blog.

The best part would be the photobooths! It was hard to resist taking photos at the lavender and rose themed photobooths~! <3

The event ended with us cracking jokes about Christy's hair and Jac Jac braiding her crimped hair in order for her to look sane when we went for dinner later. Hahaha. 

That's all for today!


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