Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunrider Healthy Sandwiches & Why You Shouldn't Be Eating Any Fast Food Including Subway

I love Subway sandwiches especially Subway Melt which is my comfort food especially after a tiring workout session. To be honest I'm one of those people who used to think that Subway is a much healthier fast food option compared to McDonald's or any other fast food chain. Then I came across a tweet posted by Brenda from about the ingredients used in Subway eggs and it changes everything. Just take a look at this.

Notice that there are so many ingredients here that you can't even read or pronounce properly? Those are the chemical agents or preservatives used by Subway to enhance the flavour of the omelette. So if you are thinking that Subway sandwich is healthy, think twice. Propylene glycol are chemical agents found in anti-freeze and deodorant sticks and it's also found in Subway eggs. I believe Subway's roasted beef, chicken breast, ham, bacon and condiments also consist of various chemical agents that you shouldn't be eating. They are highly processed, consists tons of chemicals and are certainly not in the healthy food list. 

In the end, the fact tells us that Subway is not where you should go if you want to "eat fresh". This is rather sad isn't it? Our food is so heavily polluted and manipulated nowadays (talk about genetically modified food). However, the good thing is Hubby and I recently found a new place selling fresh sandwiches to replace Subway and we are surprised by the freshness of the ingredients they use in their salad and sandwiches.

This new place that we found is Sunrider @ Sunway Pyramid. Sunrider is a franchise selling wellness product similar to GNC but they also have this healthy food cafe which serves fresh sandwiches for people who enjoy healthy and nutritious meals. We ordered this combo set including a healthy drink, salad and a beef sandwich.

A huge bowl of salad with hard-boiled egg, fresh fruits and vegetables. I absolutely love the vinegar-like dressing which I felt has very natural taste.

Beef Sandwich! Omg, this is seriously the best beef sandwich I ever had! Super fresh and natural!

What you are looking at right now are thick slices of genuine fresh beef (almost like a steak itself) done in medium which taste really delicious. Love eating clean food that tastes delicious at the same time. It's like killing two birds with one stone.

A variety of wellness products which they sell in their shop.

Hubby who was very pleased with the beef sandwich as his favourite food is none other than steak!

The combo set costs us RM26 without any service charge but both of us felt that the food definitely worth the price. We are certainly coming back next Saturday after our Korean class to try their chicken sandwich and egg sandwich!

Sunrider is located in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall opposite to Cold Storage.


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