Friday, July 19, 2013

Korean Language Level 1B & Pacific Coffee Company

Yay! Both Hubby and I finally proceed to Level 1B after completing Level 1A in 10 weeks. Our homework load has definitely increased with multiple pages of workbook and vocabulary sheets to be completed after every lesson. However, we had fun learning the language and we really look forward to our class every week! And I'm going to blog about a place where we enjoy good coffee before going for our Korean language lesson!

Occasionally, we would go to a nice, cosy place to do our revision and at the same time to satisfy my cravings for freshly brewed coffee! And Pacific Coffee Company is one of the places that we go to as their foamy Cappucino is one of my favourite. Our Korean language centre is within a short walking distance from Sunway Pyramid so we always have our meal or coffee in the mall itself.

Cappucino with my homemade banana oatmeal snack bar. 
I really like the Cappucino here because it's milky and foamy while still preserving the aroma of the coffee. My super easy banana oatmeal snack bar is made with mashed ripe banana and quick oats with a dash of honey. Microwave the banana oats mixture for a couple of minutes then it's done! The sweetness of the banana compliments the bitterness of the coffee well hence it's my favourite on-the-go snack. Plus it's very nutritious and filling as well!

Look at the beautiful foam layer. My standard of good Cappucino foam is that the foam has to be very fine and smooth without the hideous air bubbles and this cup of Cappucino has achieved my personal standard. Definitely a perfect cup of Cappucino in my opinion.

 Homework to be done before our class commences. I love doing vocabulary homework because it reminds me of primary school homework haha.

 Hubby doing his revision on previous lesson.

 Me enjoying the coffee!

That's all for today's short post! Will definitely blog about more coffee shops in the future! =D


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