Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to Make Extra Healthy Banana Pancakes with Sandwich Maker!

My sandwich maker has been left almost untouched in my kitchen for ages as I'm no longer making sandwiches. It's occupying the kitchen counter space and I was contemplating whether to hide it in the cabinet forever. Then it hit me out of the blue that I can actually make my favourite banana pancakes with this sandwich maker! So I decided to give my sandwich maker a second chance and it's a huge success! This is a really quick and easy method to make pancakes as there is barely any oil needed which saves extra calories. Find out the calories in these banana pancakes at the end of this post.

First, you will need a sandwich maker. Preheat the sandwich maker by turning on the switch. Lightly grease the surface using few drops of olive oil or a tiny bit of butter. 

 Cut one banana in slices and add two eggs into the bowl.

 Whisk everything altogether and make sure the banana slices are mashed thoroughly so they can blend well with the beaten egg. This is to prevent it from becoming an omelette with banana chunks so you really want to make sure you whisk hard before pouring the mixture into the sandwich maker. You can also add a teaspoon of baking powder to make fluffy, puffed up pancakes.

 Next pour the mixture into the sandwich maker and fill it almost to the brim but not too full. Close the cover and leave it for about 4 minutes. The indicator light on my sandwich maker will automatically turn off after 4 minutes. This indicates that the pancakes are cooked and ready.

 Open the cover and flip the pancakes to the other side. The other sides of the pancakes will turn brown with the remaining heat so there's no need to close the cover again.

 And the pancakes are done! In just less than 15 minutes! What a quick and easy way to make pancakes! Mmmmm I just can't wait to eat them all up!

 Serve the pancakes with a dash of honey to give that extra sweetness. These pancakes taste as good as the pancakes that come right out of the greasy pan but are super healthy because the oil has been omitted in the first place. Absolutely my favourite afternoon dessert / snack between meals.

So the question is how many calories are there for this whole plate of healthy banana pancakes (8 pieces of triangle pancakes)?
 250 calories. 
(100 kcal for an average sized banana and 140 kcal for two large eggs)
which means it's about 30 kcal for one piece of banana pancake shown above. How amazing is that?

Next I will be blogging about how to make healthy Korean green onion pancakes (pajeon) without using any flour!


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