Monday, July 15, 2013

Restaurant Cafe De Sky Garden @ Petaling Utama, Old Klang Road

I wasn't a fan of any vegetarian cuisine previously because the mock meat taste weird to me and most vegetarian restaurants have limited choices of food. However, this vegetarian restaurant that I'm going to blog about proves that vegetarian food doesn't have to be boring or light which makes you forget the fact that you are in a vegetarian restaurant.

Restaurant Cafe De Sky Garden at Petaling Utama, Old Klang Road.

The grand entrance.

 My homemade birthday cake which shall be unveiled at the end of this post! Haha.

Some family portraits!
Hubby, me and mummy!

Daddy's expression was way too serious!

Daddy with his not so noticeable smile. Haha.

Daddy's black coffee. Cafe de Sky Garden also sells vegan cakes which I have tried previously (the cakes are really good) hence freshly brewed coffee is served to compliment the cakes for high tea session.

 and my not too bad cappucino.

 Oshi rice which is fried seaweed rice. Thumbs up! This is everyone's favourite as the rice is really fragrant and fried to the perfection.

 Spaghetti with red pepper paste topped with walnut! Look at the generous amount of huge bell pepper chunks. I love the moderate sourish red pepper paste which is so appetizing. Instead of minced meat, the restaurant uses crushed walnut to give the extra crunchy texture and I love it!  

 Pumpkin curry! So good that we ordered another serving of this. The curry flavour was enriched with the curry leaves and the pumpkin provides the creamy texture but it was not too overpowering. Vegetables such as brinjal, tomatoes, brocollis, potatoes and maizes are cooked soft in the pumpkin curry. 

Close up shot.

 Cheese baked rice with brocolli. The cheese was hard, dried out and did not blend well with the rice. Cheese baked rice is supposed to be gooey and hot when served so this was a no-dish for us. The side salad was refreshing and good though.

 Cannelloni-shroom, which is a cylindrical shaped pasta served baked with mushroom filling and covered with tomato paste and green sauce. I love this dish because it just gives you the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment with the creamy mushroom, al dente pasta and perfect sweet and sour sauce that compliments everything altogether.

Close up shot.

We celebrated my 22nd birthday here so here's my homemade birthday cake!
To make the cake look good, I covered the mocha flavoured cake with chocolate frosting and decorated it with fresh strawberries, almond nuts and heart shaped deco.

Long birthday candle.

My double layered mocha cake glued together with chocolate frosting. I guess I went too far with the chocolate frosting which eventually hardened and caused me to have a difficult time cutting the cake.

It tastes good nevertheless!

Some moments captured by mummy!

Happy birthday to me! I wish for everyone around me to be healthy!

Candle blowing moment.

We looked happy but that cake of mine is really rock-hard on the outside. Too much chocolate frosting!

Clapping frantically like a mad sea seal. Haha.

Cafe de Sky Garden is indeed my favourite vegetarian restaurant. I hope everyone can give it a try especially their vegan cheesecake (eggless!) which is soo good!

Restoran Cafe de Sky Garden,
6-16, Jalan PJS 1/31, PJS 1, Taman Petaling Utama
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 46150
Tel: 03-7781-0876/03-7781-0879
Opening hours: 11am - 9pm


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