Sunday, July 28, 2013

Healthy Food of the Month

It's time to keep track of the food I have been eating in July! I wanted to share some of frequently cooked meals during my long semester break. Usually the meals are simple to make using only basic ingredients you can get in any market. The rest of my daily meals that are not shared are just normal grilled chicken breast/salmon block or sometimes I would just bake them in my oven.

Flourless Green Onion Pancake. I love green onion pancakes so I decided to make a healthier version of it without the flour! The batter consists of 1 cup of quick oats (blended into fine powder and flour-like),  1 egg and some milk to for the consistency. Chop the green onion and put them on a heated round pan with some oil. Pour the batter all over the green onion. Flip the pancake when the edge becomes brown and there you have it!

 Flourless Pizza recipe by blogilates. The crust is made of cauliflower, egg and mild Mozarella cheese.

Lots of green bell pepper and button mushroom for the pizza toppings! This is totally a legit pizza!

 Sandwiches using flourless wholegrain bread. You can find the flourless bread at Opika Organic Market, One Utama Shopping Mall. The price is around RM6. 

It tastes just like ordinary whole grain bread, if not, more delicious!

 I toasted the bread in the oven with the cheese to make the bread crunchier.

 Fruit and Veggie Salad with lemon and orange juice dressing. My current healthy food obsession.

 Same but this time I added some protein with the extra hard boiled egg.

 Sometimes I would make English Breakfast set when I crave for it. Bacon and sausages aren't exactly healthy but it's okay to eat with moderation.

So satisfying! I love bright yellow scrambled eggs! I have been using this partition plate since I was a kid! 

That's all!


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