Monday, July 29, 2013

Baking is Fun!

Hubby got me an electric oven for my birthday and I'm addicted to baking ever since. It's a mini Electrolux electric oven which fits perfectly in my not-so-big kitchen and I love it. Thanks Hubby! I like spending my leisure time in the kitchen so the newly bought oven is an excellent excuse for me to spend more time in the kitchen. Here's a summary of my latest products.

1. Butter Cake
2. Marble Cake
3. Mocha Cake with Chocolate Frosting
4.Egg Tarts
5. Cheese Tarts
6. Apple Tart (I love Apple Tart! I can never stopped eating apple tart!)

I realise baking has been quite popular lately. Many people around me start baking including my friends and cousins. I guess it's because baking is really fun and rewarding especially when you present your cakes or pastries as gifts to your neighbours, friends or relatives. Plus it's convenient to get recipes online without having to buy expensive magazines or recipe books.

Hmm so what should I bake next? Oh ya I can bake my favourite blueberry cheesecake! Shouldn't be too difficult once you have the right recipe! Till then, I shall brush up my apple tart baking skill once again so it will look more presentable and near perfection!



*JacQueliNe* said...

Next time bring to sch! :P
Cant wait to try. Look super delicious <3333

XCB said...

sure!!! the apple tart is very yummy orhh =D