Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tous Les Jours Grand Opening @ Bangsar Telawi

'I'm waking up to ash and dust, I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust, I'm breathing in the chemicals'
*Gasps for air*. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons has always been my favourite song and I find it so relevant to our situation right now due to what's happening in Malaysia and Singapore. The air and vision today was so bad and I was literally breathing in the dust and smoke and had problem catching with my breath all thanks to our neighbour country. Hmmph. I miss breathing clean and fresh air! It's only during these times we become conscious of what we breathe in and learn how to appreciate what we used to have.

Back to the topic, my bestie and I were at the grand opening of this famous Korean bakery shop, Tous Les Jours this morning! Tous Les Jours means 'Everyday' in French. I have difficulty pronouncing French haha. I actually came across this bakery shop on facebook and found out that they are having this free coffee and tea promotion for three days so we decided to give it a try! Besides, there is so much hype going on even before the opening of this bakery shop. Apparently Tous Les Jours is a very famous Korean bakery shop known to have only used flour imported by Korea and many local people seem to know about this bakery.

I really like the concept of this bakery shop! The doors and window panes are painted in mint green which really compliment the red bricks well. I love this shop before even stepping in. Haha. There's just something about this shop that makes it very 'Korean-ish'. In Korea, there are many cute coffee and bakery shops like this which are very aesthetic looking. 

The display of freshly baked pastries welcoming you upon entering the shop.

The shop was packed with customers despite our early arrival.

I love the cute wooden trays. Don't you just love cute bakery shop with these cute little details?

Bestie! I love this picture!


 Cute star-shaped Apple Crumb Danish!

First round of pastries that we ordered! The numbers indicate our preference from most favourite (number 1) to least favourite (number 3).  

 Our number 1 favourite! Potato Focaccia bread with crispy potato wedges on top of a layer of Mozarella cheese and herbs! The bread is super crunchy. We went crazy over this Potato Focaccia because both of us like savoury pastries and this bread really hit our mark.

 Soporo. It's bread with peanut butter crumbs! The outer layer is very crunchy but the bread is soft and tender. Our second favourite!

Cream Cheese Danish! It's quite good. However, both of us are not sweet pastries lovers so we weren't overly crazy about it.

Free Americano!

 Apple Crumb Danish with thick layer of apple jam topped with some crumbs! Isn't it pretty? The layered pastry is crunchy and savoury while the filling is sweet. The same goes for this Apple Crumb Danish. It's a fairly well made pastry but we don't really fancy the sweet flavoured apple jam. Nevertheless the crunchy and layered outer pastry deserves thumbs up from us! 

Close-up shot.

 Yay! Free sweet potato bun given by the Korean manager! Thanks!

 Natural yellow sweet potato filling in between the soft and fluffy bun. We like it because it's not too sweet! Those who like read bean bun will definitely like this as well!

 Sweet potato filling!

 Enjoying coffee on a perfect Sunday morning! I really love the ambience here.

Must pose with the red bricks wall. Haha.

Here are some pictures taken by Hui Ming.
 Even their coffee mug is in mint green!

 Waiting for our turn at the busy cashier counter.

 Take away some pastries for my parents too! Bought sweet potato bum, Cheese Fitzel and Potato Focaccia!

 Yipee, I'm surrounded by pastries!


 Cute mint green bicycle with a basketful of bread!

OOTD! Oops, bag strap felling off my shoulder!

 Photo of us together!

I really like the pastries here and this bakery is currently my top favourite in my personal opinion. The pastries at The Bread Shop (Damansara Heights) are good too but you can find more variety of pastries and cakes at Tous Les Jours! TLJ is a must try for all pastries lovers in KL/PJ and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. =)

Tous les Jours's operation hour is from 7.00am to 10.00pm daily. Located at Telawi Square, Bangsar just opposite Papparich or Hong Leong Bank. Few more branches are soon to be opened soon Empire Damansara Perdana and Subang!

That's all for today's pastries post!


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