Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jeju-Do 제주도 Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Damansara Uptown

어서오세요! 뭐드릴까요?

Weee, just practising the korean phrases that I have been learning recently. After having seven weeks of Korean language classes, both Hubby and I are now able to order food in Korean! Yay! I actually wrote 
'Welcome! What would you like to have?
Please give me one dakgalbi and one pork ribs soup.'
That's all. Haha. Why dakgalbi and pork ribs soup? It's because these are the food that we ordered at Jeju-Do Restaurant, which is a newly-opened Korean BBQ Restaurant at Damansara Uptown! 

 The restaurant is very easy to locate as it is right behind Hong Leong Bank.


We ordered the 감자탕, which is korean pork ribs soup.

The next thing we ordered is 닭갈비, Korean fried chicken.

Cute Korean dolls in traditional 한복 Hanbok.

반찬 (Side dishes). There are altogether six side dishes served including 김치(Kimchi) which is a must in every Korean restaurant. You can definitely ask for refill here. My Korean teacher actually told me that you can flip the table or call the police if the restaurant doesn't give you free 김치(Kimchi). Haha. It's the food culture in Korea which I really like because I love 김치(Kimchi). The good thing is the owner of this restaurant actually came over and asked us whether we want to have our side dishes refilled. So considerate! I really like restaurants that offer good customer service and it makes me want to come back for another visit.

 My favourite 닭갈비 (Korean Fried Chicken)! This version is slightly different from the famous Uncle Jang 닭갈비as it is less spicy and has enoki mushroom! Love this!

 The waiter will do all the job for you so you just have to sit and wait for your 닭갈비 (Korean Fried Chicken) to be ready! It's also pretty entertaining to watch how the waiter stirs the chicken with the tempting sizzling sound while the spicy aroma fills your nose which set your taste buds tingling. Yumsss.

 Ahh heavenly good.

 감자탕 (Korean Pork Ribs Soup)! Not bad but I still prefer the spicy 김치찌게 (Kimchi Stew). 감자탕 (Korean Pork Ribs Soup) tastes like our Chinese pork ribs soup so it doesn't taste Korean to me. Maybe it's due to the lack of Korean red pepper paste in this soup. Or maybe it has none at all. I'm not too sure.

Mummy with the owner of the restaurant who was wearing the beautiful traditional 한복(Hanbok). The owner is so friendly! I actually introduced myself to her in Korean and she understood what I said! So happy! She also told me her name which I couldn't recall. 

This is what I said to her.
안녕하세요! 저는조이에요.
'Hi, my name is Joey. Nice to Meet you'
Very limited phrases I know. Haha. Beginner mah. I only know how to speak basic introductory sentences when conversing with people in Korean. Btw I'm getting near to completing my level 1A Korean class! Three more weeks and I will be certified! So happy! Hopefully I can proceed to the next level after this!

That's all! Bye! 
*This post may look simple but it took me a lot of time to finish writing because I have to type in Korean! Haha!

Jeju-Do Korean BBQ Restaurant
Jalan SS 21/62 Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7727 9981


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