Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wacoal's 'b.tempt'd' Launch Event

I was thrilled to be invited to Wacoal's new lingerie line launch at Isetan KLCC! I must say that I have zero or little knowledge about lingerie so this event was a good opportunity for me to know more about this trend-setting lingerie brand.

B.tempt'd (pronounce as be tempted) was originated by the famed Japanese innerwear producer, Wacoal in the US. It targets the young and young-at-heart and is set to become Malaysian ladies's new BFF!

B.tempt'd event with lots of purple balloons!

Me wearing an almost purple skirt because the dress code of the event is purple!

 Snacks for guests.

Guests registration counter.

 Me posing with Wacoal's B.tempt'd product! It's fun to look at bras with various designs and colours and I really like Wacoal lingerie because it is functional and trendy at the same time! It's quite important to invest in a good bra to avoid wearing bra that causes burden or discomfort.

Some gorgeous looking bra you wouldn't want to miss trying! Look at the striped lingerie! So fashionable!

 How about some extra push up to look more womanly in your sexy outfit?

Floral design! How cute!

I absolutely love the details on it.

 Cute Wacoal ladies who are ready to help you out with your queries.

The new b.tempt'd push up bra has successfully tempted me over because of its vibrant colours and gorgeous cuttings.


 And there's a lucky draw event too! Me posing with my lucky draw number that wasn't lucky enough to be chosen on that day. =(

Hui Ming with her lucky draw number!

I was so hungry halfway through the event and I quickly munched on the purple macaron Wacoal gave us. Everything is in purple on that day including the macaron!

Posing with candies pulak.

With Wacoal's lingerie model of the day!

 Mr. Takashi Watanabe, the Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia launching the product.

MC of the event welcoming the guests and introducing the newly-launched product.

Wacoal dancers showing their sexy moves to the crowd.

Woooo, I feel like I'm the little plump boy from the Disney animation 'Up'! Feels extremely cheerful holding the huge balloon cluster!

Be sure to head over to Wacoal counter at Isetan KLCC to try out the latest B.tempt'd range! At a pocket-friendly price of RM119.00 and above, the fun and fabulous b.tempt'd is now available at Wacoal Young counters at Isetan KLCC and Isetan One Utama!

Credits to Hui Ming for all the pictures above.


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