Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Bread Shop @ Damansara Heights

I'm not a hardcore coffee drinker but I love exploring places with aromatic coffee and hard-to-resist pastries. There's just something about coffee shops that makes me fall in love with. After my previous visits to Kaffa Espresso Bar and Artisan Roast with bestie Hui Ming, we just couldn't stop searching for more coffee shops and this time we headed to...

The Bread Shop! 

Well, strictly speaking The Bread Shop is not really a coffee shop. As its name suggests, The Bread Shop is a bakery shop selling freshly baked bread and pastries but also serves coffee and sandwiches so it is a perfect place for us to meet up and enjoy coffee. 

Coffee is the one thing we wouldn't miss. So pictures of coffee first.

Latte. We both like how they add the chocolate syrup and cocoa powder on the thin layer of milk foam. Coffee is fine, not too heavy and not too light. The cappucino is similar with the latte as both have similar foamy milk layer. Now I'm quite confused between these two.

Next, pastries.

Coffee Swirl. Recommended by many bloggers but I find it ordinary. Nothing to boast about. We were slightly disappointed because there's not much coffee flavour in it otherwise it is a well made pastry. Sweet, soft and buttery.

Mini mushroom quiche. It's not the typical served hot quiche you would normally have. This one tastes like salty egg tart with very little mushroom which we could hardly find. Certainly not worth the money.

Roast beef with ciabatta with onions, mushrooms, mayonnaise, lettuce and relish. An ordinary sandwich. The ciabatta bread is slightly tough to chew. We wanted to order the roast beef and caramelised onions sandwich (which we fell in love with when we saw it on a blog) but we made a wrong order and ended up having this.

Banana butterscotch. This is my favourite and is one of the popular pastries which was sold out on that day. Looks like a bee hive, isn't it? It is beautifully coated with caramel and stuffed with delicious banana filling underneath the layers of crispy bread. I love banana so every bite is pure ecstasy.

Me with the birthday girl.

Hui Ming and her birthday present!

Love this picture of Hui Ming. <3

And that's me!

Overall, I think this bread shop is a little bit over-rated. However, you are lucky if you live nearby because the pastries are freshly baked and delicious. There are many foreigners and office workers who look like they are regular which proves that the quality of the pastries here is unquestionable. Does it live up to its reputation of being the top 5 bakeries in KL? Well, I think so.

The Bread Shop, 
1, Jalan Setiakasih, 
Bukit Damansara, 
50490 Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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