Friday, May 3, 2013

Coffee & Cake @ Artisan Roast, TTDI

Alright, so remember both Hui Ming and I visited the Kaffa Espresso Bar last month? Since then we began to love visiting coffee shops simply because we can chat and enjoy coffee at the same time without having to worry about occupying the seats for too long. And we are also picking up the recent trend of indulging in coffee break. This time we decided to continue our coffee shop search and we chose to visit the famous Artisan Roast at Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

This is how the coffee shop looks like once you step in. There's no doubt a hint of European style in terms of the layout and design. I don't remember being able to smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee though I expected it to happen like in most coffee shops.
P/S: The shop was quite packed in mid noon and there are limited seats here so it's better to come early and get a nice spot!

Upon entering the coffee shop, you will see this lovely chart on how to choose your beverage of the day.

Mmmmm, I love the idea of scratch kitchen. That's how I want my future coffee shop to be if I manage to open one XP.

Latte ordered by bestie.

 Cappucino ordered by me. When I was about to drink it, the foam sank because I left it untouched for too long so it ended up being like white coffee. This is what happens when you are trying so hard just to get a good shot of the coffee = <. I would still prefer for the foam to be thicker. Other than that, it's a good cup of coffee. 

Combo. =)

Supposedly light cheese cake but we both felt that the cheese flavour was not as light as we initially thought. Cheesy enough to impress us and we both love this very much!

 A cute tiny piece of chocolate mint cake, named the Grasshopper I think =). Not our favourite piece because we both love soft spongy chocolate cakes such as brownies instead of this type of hardened chocolate.

Let's indulge!

Mmmmm, yummeh!

Cakes available on that day.


anddddd Hui Ming!

  If you could notice, Artisan Roast uses high tables and chairs so it looks like a drinking bar from here.

Both of us!

Only me!

Artsy drawings on the wall.

You can really make yourself comfortable in this cosier part of the shop with dim lightings.

 Roasted coffee beans.

This is if you are interested in the coffee machine they used.

Coffee lovers should really try out the coffee here and at the same time indulge in your favourite piece of cake. Artisan Roast is definitely a coffee house worth visiting. =)

Directions (If you are coming from Damansara/Kepong): At the traffic light junction in which turning right leads you to One Utama, turn left into Taman Tun. Go straight until you see Esso on your right. Turn left at the traffic light junction into a row of shophouses. Artisan Roast is on your left.  
P/S: Credits to Domokun for some of the photos above.


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the chart is so interesting! Good for those dilemma in choosing beverage! ^^