Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Work That Muscle

I was feeling the soreness all over my body as a result of yesterday's hardcore workout with hubby in the gym. Definitely loving it! Today is a rest day for me but that doesn't stop me from going for a 15 minutes run around my house and stairs climbing in the morning. I also did some workout videos to give that extra burn on my muscles.

I made today's meal very clean as I had too many post-exam cheat meals. Had a super satisfying cheat meal at Zen Korean BBQ Restaurant yesterday which I will be blogging about.

Breakfast: Avacado with chicken breast and 2 hard-boiled eggs salad.
Lunch: Butterhead lettuce wrap with chicken and cucumber cubes. 
For dinner, I made this ultra delicious blueberry and banana protein pancake as my resource of protein and energy. Recipe here by Casey Ho.

 Even if you are not keen on healthy food, you will be loving this because it is just so good.

 Aren't strawberries and blueberries the cutiest and yummiest fruits in the world? I always have them in my fridge and they are like siblings, one must exist with another for the perfect match.

 Natural purple tinted pancakes. A truly nutritious and satisfying meal. =)

Got this green tea flavour protein powder from Hubby (Thanks hubby!) and I loveee it! It is now my daily addiction because it tastes really good plus low calories with all the protein you will need for post-workout! I used one scoop of this protein powder for my protein pancake too!


Will blog more about my fitness routine and inspiration because there might be times when I browse through the old posts to find motivation and stay strong.

Happy workout and cheers to healthy lifestyle!


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