Friday, May 10, 2013

TWG Tea @ Pavilion

Finally it's time to hit the gym after two months of absence! (I froze my membership for two months since I was busy having clinical placement) Feels so good to be back here again with all those kettlebells, dumbells and treadmill!

Had Energizer drink at Boost Juice Bar for post workout recovery! Added whey protein to boost our muscles!


After this, we went to Pavilion to try out TWG Tea. Read about their famous tea and Macarons previously on blogs! So tempting must try!

When you enter TWG Tea, it's like entering a mini wonderland with...


More Macarons!


More cakes!


Hubby the happy boy!

Both Hubby and I had a hard time choosing our tea because the tea menu here is the most extensive tea list I've ever seen. They have everything from Darjeeling tea to Himalayan tea. No kidding. It must be real frustrating for people with OCD to decide on which tea to have.

Upon entering TWG tea, you can see racks and racks of tea.

I like the gold teapot they used here!

Strawberry tea that I ordered! Sweet and fragrant.

Hubby's Himalayan Tea. Taste almost like Chinese tea but more fragrant than that. Love it!

Me choosing my Macarons. TWG's renowned tea-infused Macaron is a must try! Was hoping to order a tea set but it is only available from 3pm - 6pm. =(

Eary Grey Fortune & Chocolate and Bain de Roses Tea. The macarons are lightly infused with tea flavour so it evens out the sweetness of the high sugar amount used in Macarons. Oh btw, RM4 for per piece of Macaron.

Hubby's Saute Beef with shallots, potatoes and carrots. Beef chunks are well done and he loves it!

White bread to go with our Garlic Soup.

Was my first time trying Garlic soup and it was okay nice but slightly cold. The portion was quite small and the soup needs to be boiling hot when served.

Overall, I really like their tea which I think it's also their signature. Macarons are good too and hopefully I get to try their tea-set which comes with finger sandwiches, scones and pastries from the trolley!



domokun said...

oohhh perfect macaroons ><

Henry Tan said...

wow i still havent been there. always heard that it is expensive only. haha