Saturday, May 18, 2013

Healthy and Natural Banana Cookies and Pancakes

Food blogging time! Since I'm on a loooong holiday right now, I've set myself a new fitness goal which is to get nice and defined abs! I watched Iron Man 3 twice and I would never forget that scene when Gwyneth Paltrow walks out from a fire and flaunts her abs in her sports bra. It made me go 'wowww' because I never thought she would have such nice abs with her age. If you are also feeling the same, you might want to start browsing abs workout videos on youtube and start working out! Btw Casey Ho is one of the famous fitness instructors on youtube right now and her squat challenge is awesome. Try it to feel the intense burn on your thigh and butt! =D

It's important to lose fat and train those muscles but the golden rule to have a nice fit body is to eat CLEAN if you want to see your abs coming out.

Eat clean means eat natural, whole food that you can get from fresh food market like veggies, lean meat (chicken breast is my fav), salmon, fruits, complex carbs including brown rice, whole grain cereal etc. No unhealthy processed food such as sausage, ham and refined carbs such as white rice, noodles etc.

Eating clean doesn't mean you can't eat yummy food. You just need to start appreciating the natural flavour of healthy food such as this Banana cookies and pancakes recipe that I'm going to talk about. This is inspired by Casey Ho and I made this almost everyday because it's just so delicious and nutritious at the same time. Love this recipe so much so I might as well share this with everyone.

Banana cookies are literally the easiest cookie to make in the world. You can even make these cookies using microwave or oven if you have one. Steps are simple. Mash a banana with rolled oats until they blend well together. Then gather a small round ball and flatten it on a tray or plate and microwave the cookies until they become hard. It took me about 3 minutes.

Seriously taste so good. I love Casey Ho. She's amazing!

Casey Ho's tutorial video on how to make Banana Cookies here.

Next will be Banana Pancakes! Super easy too! Cut a banana into slices. Add two whole eggs in. Beat all of them together until they blend well and you will get a nice fluffy pancake mixture. Heat oil on frying pan and start frying the pancakes piece by piece!

I'm salivating already! I can't choose between Banana cookies and pancakes, they are both equally yummy!

Tutorial video here.

I understand that it's a difficult task for Malaysians to eat clean because most Malaysian food is either salty/oily food, fried stuff and more fried stuff.  Besides, refined carbs is a main staple in asian diets so it's hard to change your diet completely all of a sudden. However, I believe that you can slowly achieve this by eating clean in one of your daily meals and gradually proceed to two clean meals per day. Then eventually eat clean meals for 5 days a week and you will be almost there. Reward yourself by eating cheat meal on weekends to satisfy your cravings for pizza or fried chicken.

It's not a difficult thing to be lean and healthy but a change has to be made. So change to see the difference =). That's all for today's fitness post. Will share more about my experience next time!


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