Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holiday Mood On!

 This is it! Results were out and this draws the end of our third year. Soon we will be marching towards our final year. And then we graduate. Oh man. So gan zheong.

For now, I have to spend my holidays wisely and productively because this will be my last long term holiday before the challenging final year starts. It makes me shudder to even think about the final year project proposals and practical exam that we will be having. ><

On another note, a photography studio was in our college today so all of us head over and get our photos taken. We were given so many cute props to pose with. ^^
Our lecturers wearing hats and holding cute props. Haha.

These are just unofficial photos taken using smartphones. An official photo album will be given to us. Wooooo, can't wait to receive it. = 3

Btw I'm super happy with my results! Glad that all those efforts were finally paying off. For those who didn't do as well as they've expected, I hope they will do better in their future exams! I'm sure they will!

That's all! Happy Holiday everyone!


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