Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Ajumma Gang

It's always fun meeting a group of people who share the common interest. This post is just an update of my first Korean language class with additional group photos plus my lunch and dinner photos. Previous post about my first Korean language class here.

 Look at the amount of people who attended the beginner class. And this is just one class, there are other beginner classes as well in different timeslots.

Rachel, Meiyen, Hubby and I are now officially the Ajumma gang! There's no particular reason as to why we call ourselves the Ajumma gang though haha.

 Group photo 1. I was soooo far behind. Can you spot me? =D

Group photo 2.

Before the class, Hubby and I had lunch at this vegetarian cuisine restaurant nearby.


 Hubby's spinach soup.

 Seaweed salad sandwich that I ordered and I like it! I like how they place the miniature sandwich in a coffee filter paper. Gonna order it again next time!

 Additional order of seaweed roll. Not bad but I still prefer the salad sandwich.

The vegetarian cuisine restaurant near our Korean language centre.

After the class ended, the four of us aka Ajumma gang members walked to Sunway Pyramid to fill our empty stomach.

The Ajumma gang at Ichiban Ramen.

Cold soba with ebi tempura ordered by me. Om nom nom. It was indeed a satisfying meal.

That's all!


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