Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chinatown Revisited

It was an impromptu visit to Chinatown aka Petaling Street as Hubby and I have been talking about the famous beef noodle there. We both walked to Hang Tuah Station from Times Square and I decided to capture what's left of the infamous Pudu Prison into monochrome pictures. I like monochrome picture because it gives a quiet and tranquil effect which I really like.

Sadly, the remaining walls of the Pudu Prison are vandalised with grafitti. Nothing has been done to preserve the historical building apparently. 

That's Hubby walking along the Pudu Prison wall.

Us pretending to be tourists at Hang Tuah station.

Masjid Jamek.

Graffiti art along Klang River.

And once we arrived at Petaling Street, we were soaking wet because it rained heavily the moment we got down from Pasar Seni station. To make things worse, we found out Shin Kee beef noodle shop was closed (it's a Wednesday, gahhhh).

But fear not as when you are here at Petaling Street, you will never run out of good food. Brought Hubby to Kim Lian Kee Restaurant which is known to be one of the oldest Hokkien Mee Restaurant in Malaysia. Located at the heart of Petaling Street, it's hard not to notice this restaurant and it has been in business since 1927.

Hubby and I were here for the first time. Yay!

Soaking wet. Blame the rain.

Both of us are very happy nonetheless.

Just love this picture so much.

Have to post one nice picture of myself too.

Hokkien Mee! For KL-ians, it is a popular dish which we can proudly present to Penangites or Johorians or Sarawakians because I think KL has the best Hokkien Mee ever. Go to places such as PJ, Damansara Uptown or Sentul and delicious Hokkien Mee can be found easily.

Also ordered our favourite steamed egg.

The restaurant is located on the second floor of the building.

Find the entrance just right next to Magnum.

Kim Lian Kee Restaurant.

This is my favourite Taufufa (Soy custard) stall. 

And also the famous Luohan guo drink stall.

Hubby loves cold drinks.

Proceed to Koon Kee Wan Tan Mee after that.

Love this blurry shot of me taken by Hubby.


Happy tauke preparing Wantan mee for his customers.

Wantan Mee!

Hubby said it is goooood.

 I love Wantans.

Then we saw this small stall selling chinese sausage.

Ordered Garlic and Black Pepper flavour.


Saw this uncle cutting his freshly made Kuih Kapet for his customers and his customers comprising of middle age aunties were requesting for the sides of the Kuih Kapet because of the crispier crust.

My garlic sausage.

Saw this cute stall selling all cutesy Hello Kitty stuff. Pink madness

Touristy shot CYK's version.

Touristy shot CSY's version.

Old architecture at Petaling Street.

At Jalan Sultan.

Profile picture. =D

Sorry for the lengthy post with countless pictures.

A reminder to myself : Shin Kee beef noodle shop closes on Wednesdays.


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